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What do you need to include in a pre-order form?

A pre-order form guarantees customers the product they want before it’s been released and sells out. It’s a fantastic way to generate hype for your product, business, and secure sales before an official launch date.

For a pre-order form to be a success, you need to ensure you collect someone’s delivery and contact information, and either a full or partial payment.

Personalize this template to your brand’s voice. Mention your product throughout the form and give someone the option to share their pre-order with friends to build more excitement around the launch date.

How to manage pre-orders for your product?

Once you’ve adapted this pre-order form template to your business needs, ensure you share it in your communication strategy.

Consider sharing pre-order opportunities via your website; be it a landing page, conversion page, or chatbot. Also, consider threading your pre-order form into your social media and newsletter communications. Ensure people that would want to place an order have the opportunity to do so.

Remember, pre-orders happen for a reason; someone doesn’t want to miss out on your product. Thank your fans by allowing them to order ahead of time; they’re your greatest ambassadors and key to selling more.

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