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We all know that this week’s TNW conference will be insanely intense. Yet Amsterdam is so awesomely chilled.

Looking for that perfect balance? We asked Typeform product owner and in-house Dutchman, Arjen Harris, for his local insights on how to escape The Next Web madness.

We even mapped it out to help you get oriented:

1. Swing over the city from the lookout

Forget 360° video. Get 360° views of the city from the skydeck.

Just hop on a free 2-minute ferry behind Amsterdam Centraal station. Then bop to the top of A’dam Lookout Tower for the best views in town. It also hosts Europe’s highest swing–100 meters off the ground! Best to try sober.

2. Grab a drink at the Waterkant

Not a fancy place, but full of life. It’s a waterside terrace under an old parking garage. Tropical-esque environment, unique exotic food, and a huge variety of beers. A perfect spot to sit and chill.

3. Go for a stroll through the Jordaan

I’m sure you saw this one in the tourist book. And I feel bad for the locals for sending more people through their peaceful slice of frozen time. But the Jordaan area is gorgeous. Lovely place to stroll in peace–day or night.

4. Fill up at the Spaghetteria Pastabar

One of the fastest spreading restaurants in the city. Why? Chill vibe, great prices, and real Italians making amazing pasta. There’s even one on the West side of town, a straight-shot down from the conference.

5. Fall in love on the Magere Brug

Aka, the skinny bridge. Beautifully lit up at night, for the romantic in all of us.

Legend has it that two skinny sisters living on opposites sides of the Amstel had the bridge built so they could meet. I’m skeptical. But everyone loves a good story.

6. Hang out at Hannekes Boom

rustic hideaway, just around the corner from Amsterdam Centraal station. Super chill place to grab a picnic table and watch the boats float by.

And they often host live music and performances. Especially popular on Sundays, if you’re around a couple days after the conference.

7. Ring the bell at Door 74

speakeasy-style cocktail bar in the heart of the city. Look for the green door on the Reguliersdwarsstraat. Ring the bell and walk into sophistication. Might want to make reservations if going with a big group.

8. Squeeze in a drink at JuiceBrothers

Rough morning? Too many burgers and kebabs? Head over to JuiceBrothers for your cold-pressed fruits and veggies. With names like Unicorn’s Blood, Inca Bliss Ball, and Cassius Clay, you know this is the stuff of legend.

9. Sip it slow at the Whiskycafé L&B

This last one’s actually a favorite of our editor-in-chief, Marc Cinanni. Come for the selection of over 1400 whiskeys. Stay for the authentic atmosphere and smokey jazz tunes. You might just run into Marc and I. And if you do, we’ll buy you a drink.

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