Typeform's 15 favorite TED talks

Nothing compares to that “light-bulb moment.” The million-dollar idea pops into your head, and you temporarily morph into a stick-man cartoon with a bright yellow bulb shining above you.

But arriving at that idea is never simple. You carry out brainstorming sessions. You spend hours staring at a blank document. And no amount of caffeine seems to get those rusty cogs in your brain to turn.

In a community of go-getters and entrepreneurs like Typeform, you’ve got to ask yourself:

“Where do others hunt for inspiration?”

“What actually fuels other people’s light-bulb moments?”

“What types of seeds grow into successful startups?”

Thanks to TED, sharing thoughts comes in bite-size videos. Whether it’s learning about a far corner of the world, or a different angle on a common topic, one thing’s for sure:

Listening to other people share their own ideas gets neurones firing and helps our brains connect the dots that lead to our “Aha!” revelation.

To start off the domino effect, we asked 15 Typeformers for the one TED talk that really got them thinking. And here’s what they came back with.

1. How to escape education’s death valley, Sir Ken Robinson

 2. How to truly listen, Evelyn Glennie

3. The puzzle of motivation, Dan Pink

4.  Our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali, Melati and Isabel Wijsen

5. How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk, Will Stephen

6. The danger of a single story, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

7. Battling Bad Science, Ben Goldacre

8. Why we do what we do, Tony Robbins

9. How great leaders inspire action, Simon Sinek

10. Why write? Penmanship for the 21st Century, Jake Weidmann

11. A love poem for lonely prime numbers, Harry Baker

12. When online shaming spirals out of control, Jon Ronson

13. The beauty of data visualization, David McCandless

14.  Do schools kill creativity?, Sir Ken Robinson

15. My daughter, my wife, our robot, and the quest for immortality, Martine Rothblatt


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