Agexa: the ultimate form logic for expert creators

The ultimate form logic for expert creators: how Agexa helps clients scale with Typeform.

“My favorite part about Typeform is the UI/UX. I can build them in a few minutes and then integrate them within whatever tech stack I'm using. From the user's end, they're easy to fill out and complete. It's a great experience from both sides.”

Sam Queen, Publishing Partner, Axega

Founded in 2019, Agexa does things differently. They're a digital marketing agency on a mission to supply scalable consulting solutions to the best "doer" in every niche. By applying Typeform across their business functions, Agexa helps uncover the information a client needs to scale. From surveys to sales, marketing to fulfillment, Typeform is embedded in the fabric of how Agexa achieves success for its clients.

A different approach to marketing

Agexa takes inspiration from the digital revolution and the wildly successful tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google. They believe that brands can thrive with perfectly tailored business strategies. Unlike agencies that focus on a specific niche, Agexa's niche is innovators within niches.

The Agexa team considers helping to lift those businesses off the ground to be their primary function. They do this by helping clients bolster their marketing funnel, providing sales support, and ultimately growing their audience. Then, the team takes a step back and acts in a more advisory function while the customer takes over operations. With this approach, they've helped brands like Astroflipping, Subto, and Credit Stacking double their revenue in less than three months.

The challenge for Agexa is gleaning more information on leads in the marketing funnel, without being invasive or out of touch. This is where Typeform comes in. "When I'm equipped with the information from the survey and application side of things, I can, in turn, equip the marketing team with more information to find leads that are a better fit," explains Sam Queen, Publishing Partner at Agexa. "With survey results, we can exclude leads that are a worse fit, and then also supply our sales team with more information about their lead prior to actually hopping onto a call."

Typeform provides Agexa all the right data

The Typeform insights don't just benefit the marketing side of the business either. Agexa leverages Typeform across their services, including sales, products, and fulfillment. "We use Typeform for a lot of things because it's so versatile," reports Queen. "I have all of the answer types I may be looking for—multiple choice, net promoter score, multi-select, multiple choice…everything. I even use redirects to send people down different question paths based on prior answers within the surveys if I need more information on a question and answer."

When onboarding a new customer, one of the first things Agexa does is use a Typeform to gather audience data. This is done either by surveying a known set of users who have already engaged with the consultant, or by using targeted ads to bring in qualified leads. They use a deep dive survey to ask probing questions:

  • What competitors or other influencers in this niche are you following?

  • What other programs have you bought before?

  • Are you actively looking for information on a related topic?

These questions help Agexa determine if someone is actively searching, which would then make investing in Google ads the right kind of tactic. However, if most of those surveyed say they aren't looking for information, then Agexa knows Facebook ads (or YouTube ads) are probably a better fit to build awareness.

Agexa brings together audiences through targeted surveys with the goal of growing the product. They use the data to understand exactly what will resonate in the market, so they can partner with the client to focus on growing the business in that direction.

As the client's business begins to grow, Agexa then uses Typeform to help with sales. "We use Typeform at the top of the funnel to help us redirect leads," says Queen. "For instance, we had a survey that asked for a credit score. If someone says above 650, they'll go down a funnel path with offers catered to our main offer, which is for people that have above 650 credit scores. Or, if they are sub 650, they'll go down a path which is catered more towards how to build your personal credit instead of how to acquire business credit."

Sub 650 leads are disqualified at the top of the funnel because they know that this group has a 2% chance (or less) of closing. They use Typeform's scoring abilities—where you can add point values to questions and answers for multiple choice stuff—to score all of their applicants for leads. Then, based off those scores, they'll have different sales motions that will take place behind the scenes. "Utilizing Typeform to help with the sales funnel has increased our close percentage from 10% to 18% pretty much overnight, since 50% of our prior leads were unqualified," reports Queen.

Agexa also uses Typeform to help with product support. One client was looking to help new mothers sleep better by changing nighttime feeding habits. They built a 25-question intake form, replaced the questions and answers with different variables, and then put those variables into a template inside of PandaDoc custom fields.

"When someone would sign up, they would fill out that intake form," explains Queen. "Then, those questions and answers, inside of Zapier, would be mapped. So the question would be, are you currently night feeding? Yes, I'm currently night feeding. No, I'm not night feeding. If they said yes, I'm night feeding, inside of Zapier, taking that output and then replacing it with a variable for what happens if someone's night feeding. And then I drag those variables and place them into PandaDoc custom fields. From there, we were producing unique sleep plans for every single one of our customers, just based on that form itself. By integrating our Built For Babies intake form to Zapier, we were able to utilize a process of formatting zaps + PandaDoc. This allowed us to create fully custom sleep plans for our customers in a matter of seconds, when previously it took 10 mins to create them. At our peak we were onboarding 40 customers a day, so that's a lot of time saved."

It's often hard to get people to give up their information, especially for free. Agexa overcomes this by leveraging Typeform best practices. "We'll always give away something," reports Queen. "Fill out this survey to be entered for a chance to win a MacBook. If we can get 500 survey responses, that's great because that data is obviously valuable to us. Once we have the data, we can use it in a lot of different ways."

Continuing to grow

Agexa has been able to perfect the business model of how to onboard and grow consulting businesses by integrating Typeform across their processes.

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