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How a solo-preneur uses Typeform and Airtable to avoid burnout

Free time is precious when you’re doing lots of jobs. So why let it go to waste when Typeform + Airtable can collect and organize data for you?

In a nutshell

  • ChallengeHow can an entrepreneur juggle two businesses, research new opportunities, and still have time for herself?
  • Solution: Collect data with Typeform, then organize and analyze it with Airtable.
  • ResultOver 400 responses and a 25% reduction in data processing time.

When overtime is all the time

Feels like life’s busier than ever, right?

How many people do you know who get in at the crack of dawn and won’t leave until the security guard’s practically throwing them out? Being busy seems to go hand-in-hand with being successful. But it’s an outdated way of thinking.

Last year, Elon Musk made headlines boasting that he and his team were working 100-hour weeks to level-up his business. Think about that for a minute. Because if you were working 14 hours a day, you wouldn’t have time to.

That’s where you get into burnout territory.

Avoiding entrepreneurial burnout

Meet Micah. She knows a whole lot about burnout, especially in entrepreneurs and high-flyers.

Micah founded The Mind Redesign to help entrepreneurs, students, creatives, and freelancers do more—with less stress. She’s also Communications Director at Weight Loss University, a small business that uses research-backed methods for healthy, sustainable weight loss. And on top of that, she’s still got time to be co-president of a local writer’s guild and publish on her Medium channel.

Ironically, she’s a prime candidate for frazzling out. And she’s come close in the past.

I went to Auburn, which is a huge football school. Once I heard a winning pass from my apartment because I was too busy studying to go to the game. I spent my life buried in textbooks with no time for anything else. My stress levels were through the roof.
Micah McGuire, Founder of The Mind Redesign

Post-graduation was a wakeup call for Micah. She wanted to figure out how to progress with her career—without sacrificing her personal life. So how does she do it? Micah discovered these two golden rules:

  1. Focus on your productivity

  2. Optimize your mental performance

In other words, Micah’s all about being as productive and focused as possible, for as little time as possible. And for her to stay on the ball, she needs the best tools to do her job.

A very particular set of skills (and tools)

Tools like TextExpander and Trello make projects go that little bit smoother. And when she needs to collect and organize data for bigger campaigns, she uses Typeform and Airtable.

Typeform helps us get feedback quickly and easily. Using highly-targeted surveys lets us analyze the needs of new potential customers and establish a relationship with them. The ease of customization and beauty of the UX is also a huge plus.
Micah McGuire, Founder of The Mind Redesign

Micah first used Typeform and Airtable for her biggest market research campaign—a survey to find out if an urgent care group was needed for partners of Weight Loss University.

A 50-question-long survey seems daunting. But with smart logic features, Micah made sure the right people saw the right questions—which saved them time too:

“It’s gone extremely well—we ended up collecting over 400 responses to the survey. Considering that we were speaking to people on the street or emailing managers—that’s excellent exposure.”

But sifting through over 400 responses takes a lot of time. That’s where Airtable enters Micah’s productivity potion.

Airtable makes data accessible. It lays all the information out in an easy-to-read, easily searchable format, which takes the headache out of analysis. We’ve used it as a CRM, for research projects, and a database for survey data.
Micah McGuire, Founder of The Mind Redesign

With the Typeform and Airtable integration, Micah was able to cut her data analysis time by at least 25%—which means more time to focus on herself and her other passions.

Because who’s really passionate about grayscale spreadsheets?

An integration for all occasions

It isn’t just with Weight Loss University that Micah uses Typeform and Airtable. At The Mind Redesign, she uses Typeform to find her target audience and generate leads, and Airtable as her CRM.

Typeform and Airtable have been incredibly useful in saving time—which is important in a solo-preneurship. I’m looking forward to finding more ways to use both tools in the future.
Micah McGuire, Founder of The Mind Redesign

These days, you’ll find Micah helping entrepreneurs, creatives, and students by running productivity workshops online and in-person. She’s extremely passionate about teaching the healthy habits she wishes she’d known so they don’t burn out in the future.

“I don’t want people to make the same mistakes I did. I want the kids to be at the football game and make good grades as well.”

Maybe they’ll use the Typeform and Airtable integration in the future too.

How did they do it?

1. Airtable Integration

Head to Typeform Connect to discover our integration with Airtable as well as some of our other favorite apps.

2. Logic Jump

Micah’s market research survey filtered the right people to the right questions. Check out our Help Center article and make your typeforms smarter.

3. Customization

Don’t be a pigeon in a flock of flamingos. Customize your typeform design to make a great first impression. Learn how to add a background image to your typeform.

4. Question Groups

Group all relevant questions under one umbrella so that people don’t have to fill out questions that don’t apply to them. Learn how to set up your Question Groups.

5. Thank You Screen

Don’t shut the door in somebody’s face when they’ve spent time giving you useful information. Micah offered her survey takers a discount code to seal the deal at the end of her survey. Learn how to personalize your Thank You Screen.

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