How the king of bubbles made his lead gen process pop with Typeform +

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Being the best isn’t easy. Here’s how Australia’s number one bubbleologist automates to stay on top.

4 min read
  • ChallengeHow does a category king save time processing leads from 16 different market segments?
  • SolutionSegment leads automatically with Typeform, follow up with
  • ResultLess time spent on admin, more time for bubble-based shenanigans.

Andrew Suttar is Australia’s top bubbleologist. He has dedicated his life to bubbles for the past 26 years.

Let’s start with the obvious first question: why?

“It was a high school science project that never stopped. Bubbles are just awesome. There's nothing to them, they're so elegant. And yet at the same time, the laws of the universe conspire to make that bubble we behold. Everything is held together in this beautiful thermodynamic.”

Andrew Suttar, Chief Bubbleologist at Bubbly

You get the idea.

Andrew’s passion for bubbles runs deep. His company Bubbly offers every bubble-related service you could imagine—bubble science classes, monster bubbles, giant bubble-blowing, kids inside bubbles, indoor bubble parties, outdoor bubble parties—and their range of clients includes everyone from local festival organizers to corporate bosses.

In other words, Bubbly has leads floating in from all angles. Which is a nice problem to have. But also a time-consuming one.

“If you’re niche, it’s easy: you’ve got one type of customer. But everyone loves giant bubbles. So there are like 16+ market segments, one of the complexities of being category king. ”

Andrew Suttar, Chief Bubbleologist at Bubbly

And while Andrew knows his stuff when it comes to marketing, he’d much rather be blowing bubbles than sitting at his desk getting foam-o. So he turned to online tools for help.

Coming up with a soaping mechanism

As a bubble evangelist, Andrew’s job is to provide a tailored bubble experience for every situation—whether it’s at an age care facility or a corporate cocktail party. He wants people to instantly see that no matter their request, Bubbly has done it before and understands what they want. So that first interaction really counts.

Before, Bubbly had a general inquiry form for people to fill in with their specific needs. But with such a diverse range of services, bubble fans were exposed to a lot of info that wasn’t relevant to them. Or as Andrew calls it, “noise.”

That’s why he switched to Typeform.

“Typeform helps my customers faster by asking them questions that steer them towards the right information for them. The seamless UX doesn’t distract people with irrelevant noise.”

Andrew Suttar, Chief Bubbleologist at Bubbly

And it’s not just customers who benefit from the squeaky clean experience. Andrew’s lead capture typeform uses logic jumps to tailor the form in real-time depending on the kind of event or service people want.

As Andrew put it, "customers basically segment themselves via the form."

This is a big step up from the old process, as leads are automatically categorized from the first touchpoint. Which means more insights for Andrew, and less work for the team:

“Our typeform gives us a solid sense of overall demand from each market segment. It helps us learn about our customers better than any other product out there.”

Andrew Suttar, Chief Bubbleologist at Bubbly

So with each type of lead neatly in its own bubble, what happens next?

Forever workflowing bubbles

With segmentation now automated, Andrew needed somewhere to send his leads for follow-up. A project management platform connected to Typeform would do the trick. But some options were more user-friendly than others.

“We're far from being tech-savvy, and we're also busy with performances and clients. So we need tools that everyone can use, and we need to automate as much as possible.”

Andrew Suttar, Chief Bubbleologist at Bubbly

Andrew tried a couple of big-name project management apps to manage his leads, but he couldn’t get his colleagues to embrace them. And since the whole team is responsible for following up with potential customers, an automated solution alone wasn’t enough—it also had to be easy to adopt.

Then Andrew found, a visual Work OS platform.

“ has the most user-friendly interface of anything I’ve tried. My staff can pick it up fast without getting overwhelmed by data, so it dramatically enhances my ability to delegate tasks.”

Andrew Suttar, Chief Bubbleologist at Bubbly

By using the Typeform + native integration, Andrew connected the two platforms to create an automated workflow for his leads. Typeform collects and segments each new inquiry, which automatically creates an item in This kicks off a unique workflow depending on the segment, and assigns the right team member to pick up the inquiry.

The result? A lot of time saved from doing all this work manually themselves.

“We set up the integration just before Christmas, a very busy season for us. It saved us hours of work. I’m super happy with it.”

Andrew Suttar, Chief Bubbleologist at Bubbly

Andrew adds that combining Typeform + “definitely provides better numbers on the lead gen side of the business”—more than enough to keep Bubbly afloat.

Homo Bulla Est

According to Andrew, the ancient Greeks had a saying to sum up the transience of human life: ‘Homo Bulla Est.’ Translation: "Man is a bubble.”

“This metaphor of a bubble's fragility to remind us of our own mortality has been around for at least 2000 years.”

Andrew Suttar, Chief Bubbleologist at Bubbly

With the Typeform + integration, the Bubbly team can devote less of their precious time to processing leads—and more to doing what they love.

How the king of bubbles did it

Looking to blow up your own lead gen process? Here's some things that might help.

1. Typeform + integration

Bubbly collects and segment leads with Typeform, then automatically beam the info to with the Typeform + integration. You’ll need a account to get started.

2. Logic jumps

A series of logic jumps in the typeform segments Andrew’s leads, and makes sure people only see the info that’s important for them. Learn more about using logic jumps.

3. Background image

To fit the rest of the Bubbly website’s theme, Andrew customized the design of his typeform with a bubbly background image. You can also add GIFs and videos to your typeforms.

4. Phone number question

Andrew uses the Phone number question so people don’t accidentally leave an invalid phone number. Find out how to use the Phone number question yourself.

What to do next

Need to prequalify your leads? Could your workflow use some automation? Here’s some tools to help you get started:

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2. Start building workflows with just a couple clicks.

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