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How Dollar Flight Club lands leads with Typeform

Discover how this fast growing business manages prospects through a simple typeform—plus some HubSpot and Slack integration magic.

Mark Twain wasn’t a travel agent, but he probably should’ve been. His inspirational words are enough to make anyone want to pack up and head off into the sunset:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Mark Twain

Exploring, dreaming, and discovering is bit easier now than in Twainy’s day. You don’t even need to tickle a bowline with all the cheap flights available online.

Now Dollar Flight Club is making it even easier to catch those trade winds. Aspiring voyagers sign up and specify their location. Then Dollar Flight Club sends ultra cheap international flight offers to subscribers’ inboxes.

The bootstrapped startup launched in December 2016, and is already helping over 500,000 subscribers save an average of $500 per ticket.

But how did they reach these sky-high numbers in such a short time?

The sky's the limit when you've got the right tools.

Where Dollar Flight Club got their wings

One key was partnering with outside advertisers. But the company needed a way to capture leads for the partnerships side of its business. So they turned to Typeform to get their lead gen campaign off the ground.

Here’s what Kyle Maltz, Director of Sales and Partnerships, had to say:

Typeform lets us quickly spin up a partner lead form. It helps us get the info we need to funnel our leads.

Kyle told us they like Typeform’s clean and simple way of collecting contact details from potential advertisers. It also lets them find out what type of advertising their partners were after, and how much they’d be willing to spend on ads.

Check it out for yourself:

What did it take to put it together? The Dollar Flight Club team made the lead capture form—and their media kit request form—in less than an hour.

All it took was a little tweaking of the Contact Form template.

Then they embedded the typeform on the Dollar Flight Club site. And spun some integration magic so their data landed right where they needed it.

Kyle Maltz with Dollar Flight Club founder, Jesse Neugarten.

Connecting with HubSpot and Slack

Kyle and his team didn’t stop at simply collecting data. They also integrated the typeform with their other sales and marketing tools.

So when a potential advertiser completes the typeform, the new contact info is zapped to HubSpot CRM via Zapier.

And now it’s even easier with Typeform’s native integration with HubSpot, which Kyle told us is “awesome.”

Then, another zap posts a new message in Dollar Flight Club’s sales Slack channel to tell the rest of the team. More on how they set up the zaps here.

“I love Typeform and Zapier” said Kyle. He continues:

You used to need developers to do all this. Not anymore. Now our devs can focus on the things that really matter—working on our product.

According to Kyle, the reason the team chose Typeform was that “it’s stupid simple and can be turned on instantly. And a robust set of features helps maintain control over the process and flow you want customers to take.”

They estimate that their Typeform lead gen solution has saved them thousands of dollars and countless hours—so Kyle and the team have more time to help their subscribers do the same.

If Mark Twain was still alive, he’d probably have subscribed himself.

The Dollar Flight Club dashboard.

Inspired? Here’s what to do next

If you want to welcome more customers on board like Dollar Flight Club, here’s where to head:

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  • Grab the Contact Form template that Dollar Flight Club used to create their typeforms—then make it your own.

  • Got a typeform that’s bringing joy to your business? We’d love to see it, maybe even feature it as an inspirational case study. Let us know all about it here.

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