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Typeform launches integration with HubSpot

We want to make life easier for marketers growing their business. That’s why Typeform’s just launched a full integration with HubSpot.

Your typeform is bringing in lots of new leads. Naturally, you’re excited to follow up—right now. But how do you do it without giving the impression of sending out impersonal bulk emails?

At Typeform, we want to make life easier for marketers by tackling problems like this. That’s why we’ve just launched a full integration with HubSpot.

Their marketing automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution helps you keep track of your leads and contacts, and lets you automate your marketing initiatives without losing that personal touch. We make sure you look great and stay conversational.

Lead gen heaven, right?

With this integration, you can send the info you collect in your typeform directly into your HubSpot account. You can even track where these respondents come from.

Before, this was done manually by copy-pasting responses, a tedious task. Some people tapped Zapier to facilitate this flow. But this new integration is super quick to set up, so you can send your CTRL, C, and V keys on a well-earned vacation.

And best of all—it’s free.

What can I do with it?

HubSpot helps you to automate workflows, fuel growth, and build relationships with customers. See how HubSpot can scale your growth and improve your lead nurturing here.

Combined with Typeform, this means some exciting possibilities to grow your business:

  • Use a lead gen typeform to capture new leads and automatically send the info directly into HubSpot to segment your audience.

  • Find out where your typeform is performing best with tracking, then double down your promotion on this touch-point.

  • Collect email addresses with a contact typeform, then personalize your emails using details from your HubSpot contacts list.

How do I set it up?

To get started, you need to have a published typeform and be a registered HubSpot user. You can set up your free HubSpot account here.

Don’t have a typeform account? Sign up here.

Then just head over to the integrations area on your Typeform dashboard, and follow the instructions to match your typeform’s answers with the corresponding HubSpot properties.

Asking for information that isn’t an existing HubSpot property? No problem—you can create a new property manually in HubSpot’s CRM.

Want to track where your typeform submissions are coming from? It’s simple—a tracking code from HubSpot is automatically embedded in your typeform. All you need to do is add UTM parameters to the links you share. This Help Center article explains how to do this.

And lastly, stay tuned—more Typeform integrations are coming soon.

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