Introducing new Typeform customer templates!

We selected 5 beautiful, functional winning templates created by Typeform users. Think you’ve got a great typeform? Submit it to our new customer template library!

Typeform agency partners are constantly striving to find new and more integrated ways to build forms and surveys that fit their customers’ needs. In our call to find the most creative and useful typeform templates, we were met with an array of designs, use cases, and form formats. While this variety made selecting a winner difficult, we’re pleased to introduce you to the five winning templates!

Alejandra Melara | Marketing Manager @ SmartBug Media

SmartBug Media® is a globally recognized Intelligent Inbound® marketing agency assisting both B2B and B2C e-commerce businesses in growing revenue by generating leads, scaling revenue operations and building market awareness through digital content, design and web development. SmartBug® is one of Hubspot’s top-performing global solutions partners, having been awarded the 2021 North America Partner of the Year.

Try their HubSpot Attribution Reporting Assessment 

All three of SmartBug's interactive assessment forms are typeforms. Their winning form is a lead generation tool for all HubSpot leads who can use the tool to assess their company’s attribution reporting readiness.

What question does your typeform help solve?

"Attribution is a journey, not a destination. Some businesses are just getting started while some are doing it manually. And some are using a form of attribution modeling but still having challenges accurately calculating ROI. This tool will make it easier for them to report attribution back to the board and identify any gaps so they can set themselves up for revenue attribution success."

Check out their Rydal Waters Financial Planning typeform

“Our typeform serves as an interactive way for prospective future residents of our client’s senior living community to realize their financial options for affording community living. This typeform helps guide test takers closer to understanding the financial planning required for senior living, along with how their existing lifestyle, expenses and assets play into how to plan ahead. For our client, and salespeople at the community, the quiz helped guide conversations around financing with prospective residents and served as a lead generation tool.”

“We have found Typeforms to be very user-friendly and delightfully interactive.”

Bakir Alkhateeb | Founder @ Pixhance

Pixhance helps ambitious professionals stand out with beautiful brands based on successful strategy and carefully considered designs. 

Try their winning typeform!

Bakir and Pixhance utilize typeforms for facilitating significant customer interactions such as identifying the right people for customers to meet before a meeting is scheduled (using typeform logic), or guiding an overwhelmed client to the best products or programs during a flash sale. "Our clients are always thrilled to start using the [custom] typeform in more places and more frequently than they initially planned (which I bet results in more responses!)"

Colin Belt | Founder & CEO @ Belt Creative

Belt Creative is a website design, SEO, and digital marketing agency that helps you get discovered online and land more customers. We empower your business growth and success with beautiful design, expert strategy, and measurable results.

"We specialize in crafting bespoke brand design, website design, graphic design and digital marketing experiences for our clients and their customers. Typeform is a natural fit for our own digital marketing and for many of our clients, because it allows us to create engaging experiences, collect important data, and connect that data where it needs to go.

Our branding design questionnaire asks users a series of questions about their brand, their style preferences, and gives them visual examples to select logos and styles that resonate with them."

Create your own copy of their winning typeform template!

This travel personality quiz uses conditional logic to recommend the best type of vacation for you, based on your answers to a few simple questions. See what your Travel Personality is with their winning typeform!

The skillful use of forms can drastically improve the quality of marketing efforts. By integrating more human and more intuitive forms, surveys, and quizzes, you’ll encourage more engaged (and ultimately more useful) responses. We hope our new customer template gallery will inspire new conversations, give them a try! 

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