Modern Health: Opening new possibilities for mental health support

How Typeform helps Modern Health support their customers while staying HIPAA compliant

Being in the mental health care industry, we have a diverse and niche global audience. Typeform helps us validate our efforts to tailor future programs that we’re confident will resonate with them.
Julius Narkus, Director of Demand Generation at Modern Health

Modern Health has envisioned a world where mental health is a priority and a point of strength for all. Its mission is to improve the lives of people and their communities by offering an inclusive mental health solution that drives the best outcomes, is the most cost-effective, and is the most engaging. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the number of people who needed mental health support skyrocketed. Modern Health needed a way to support its customers by building more relevant programs - they needed to better understand their customers’ needs. Since Typeform provides healthcare companies with the ability to create HIPAA-compliant forms that protect patient privacy, this was the perfect solution for the company to grow their business and support their customers.

Changing the global perception of mental health

Mental health is a divisive topic and seeking it can carry ‌stigma. People often feel too intimidated to get the help they need for fear of how others will perceive them, or how they will ultimately perceive themselves. 

Modern Health set out to change that by providing employers with a fully integrated ecosystem of mental health solutions designed to drive clinical outcomes and organizational impact. The company has standardized mental health care quality for a global workforce by embedding global cultural nuance into every step of its approach—the provider network, the personalized care experiences, and the mental health promotion to employees.

Since Modern Health is in the medical industry, they are required to adhere to HIPAA and a number of international compliance regulations. This makes finding the right partners and solutions challenging. Going beyond the standard offerings for embedded forms, Typeform also offers Enterprise and Healthcare tiers for companies that require security and compliance—SSO, GDPR, and HIPAA. Secure by design, both patients and Modern Health can rest assured that all data that goes through Typeform and is stored and managed with top tier security standards. 

Typeform helps Modern Health reach their customers

“Modern Health is bringing better mental health access and quality to millions of people around the globe,” says Julius Narkus, Director of Demand Generation at Modern Health. “For us to achieve our mission and enable millions of people to access mental health, we need to work with HR benefits decision makers.”

Narkus explains that Typeform helps them understand their audience. “Individuals have very specific mental health care needs, making this a very niche audience. In order to serve them, we have to understand their individual needs. What do they care about? What topics are they interested in? What’s top of mind? A tool like Typeform gives us the data we need to tailor our marketing campaigns to them, so that we can basically help them bring mental health support their employees globally.”

When Narkus joined Modern Health, one of the first programs he started was creating and executing webinars. “The big challenge was finding which topics our audience would find interesting and would resonate, so that I could know what type of webinars would bring the most value. Sometimes the presentations can seem dry and maybe professionals are not really interested in research results. We try to find what kind of presentations resonate from clinical webinars to more commercially minded webinars.” 

Narkus integrates Typeform surveys into the Zoom calls, so that participants can give immediate feedback after the webinar. “Typeform makes is super easy to take the results quickly and share with our internal teams by generating a report to show the net promoter score (NPS). We get feedback on everything from webinar reviews, to additional areas of interest, to speaker ratings.” Once they have the data, Modern Health evolves and iterates on their programs, which includes the webinars, but goes far beyond that into the other aspects of the business as well.

Typeform for all

Beyond what Narkus is doing, there are other teams within Modern Health that are using Typeform’s solutions. “It’s so easy to design and create the forms, and knowing that we have HIPAA compliance gives us the confidence to use them in multiple ways to survey our customers,” says Narkus. “We can get information directly from the individuals seeking care or from the organizations themselves about how we can better support their company as a whole. There are so many applications for how Typeform can help us understand our customers, it’s a really critical tool to give us the data that will inform how we grow our business and provide the best mental health care across the globe.”

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