Modulo: how fun forms connect communities, parents, and educators

Modulo began as a platform to connect parents with educational materials for their children. By harnessing the capabilities of Typeform, Modulo has evolved into an entire ecosystem for at-home learning. Learn how they did it:

$5 million is a typical EdTech seed round to build out a minimum viable product, test it with users, and get it profitable so you can go out for a series A. With Typeform we were able to bootstrap our MVP and give away zero equity.
Manisha Snoyer , Modulo Founder

Modulo is a PreK-12th grade curriculum finder to help parents get connected with digital learning apps, physical curriculum, or hands-on materials to fit their unique child. Built primarily as a resource for homeschool parents, the app can also be used for supplemental education, connecting with communities and more. However, none of this would have been possible without Typeform. Founder Manisha Snoyer recounts how she used Typeform to build and grow her app into what it is today. 

No door? Make a window.

Manisha Snoyer had been working in education for over fifteen years, teaching thousands of children in three different countries. In early 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced children to learn from home, she recognized an opportunity to help parents who were scrambling to ensure their children weren’t falling behind. Knowing that parents were desperate for resources, Snoyer knew there was a market for an app or platform that could connect searching parents with all the educational resources and tools that she had encountered during her teaching career. 

“One of the things that emerged was that families really needed help just navigating all of the educational resources available for their children,” reports Snoyer. “So, I started exploring and testing these resources and realized that there were certain archetypes of kids that I was consistently able to recommend curricula to.”

Seeing a market possibility, Snoyer decided to build an app where any parent could find the perfect curriculum for their child. This began as an idea for a resource platform for homeschool families and communities, but the exponential increase in children learning from home meant there was a huge opportunity across both homeschool and in-person school families. So, she set about the task of securing funding and finding an engineer to build the app.

Unfortunately, investors didn’t see the same potential in her idea. Stuck, without the capital to bring her dream to life, it appeared that the idea might not have a path forward. With all the doors locked up tight, Snoyer decided it was time to make her own window—by building the app entirely through Typeform.

Build a dream using Typeform.

“I’d used Typeform for many, many years for lots of various projects,” explains Snoyer. “Suddenly, it occurred to me that I could actually use Typeform to build a prototype for this app. So, I sat down at a café for 14 hours a day, and built it myself using logic jumps.” As soon as the prototype was done, Snoyer launched it, so she could test the results. Using social groups on Facebook and Reddit as test markets, she got parents to start using the tool. 

The result was an immediate success. She was able to connect the parents of children across a wide range of learning styles to resources that were immensely valuable to them. The app was gaining momentum through her grassroots marketing efforts as well as word-of-mouth across parenting and homeschooling communities, but she wanted to keep growing. 

“What's really great about Typeform is that you can ask for feedback in the form itself,” says Snoyer. “I've been asking families how I could make this resource better for them, and parents have no reservations about sharing their opinions with me. Now, we consistently use the feedback loop as part of the app experience, and people love knowing they can voice their ideas.” 

With Typeform’s simple user interface and functionality, Snoyer says that she can update the app in near real time. She receives feedback from a user, and she can go in immediately and change the content and logic flows in mere hours.

“I know that development cycles with apps can typically take weeks or months when they’re updating something or adding a new feature,” adds Snoyer. “With Typeform, not only do I not have the overhead of employing engineers, but I can quickly update things myself.”

The data speaks for itself:

There’s a 15.2% conversion rate for users who complete the 12-minute form. That's a whopping 3x the industry average for click-through conversion on landing pages.

Also, 56.7% of users who complete the form opt-in to Modulo’s mailing list. They don’t even require an email address, but over half of users provide it because they want updates.

Snoyer partially attributes this to Typeform: “the seamless user experience definitely helps with people finishing the forms. Honestly, it’s pretty fun to fill them out.”

Snoyer also gets a lot of positive feedback through the forms, customers providing their testimonials completely unprompted:

  • Honestly so amazing. Thanks for this!!! Picking a homeschool program is so overwhelming. This made it easy!

  • You are a lifesaver! I wish that was around when I was homeschooled. Thank you so much! ❤️

  • This has been a wonderful resource! Thank you for this. It's amazing!

Continuing to grow

What started out as a platform that could connect parents to educational materials for their children has blossomed into something even bigger. Modulo has evolved into an entire ecosystem for learning from home. Parents can get connected with communities, kids can make friends, educators can find opportunities to teach online classes, and much more. Snoyer uses Typeform in just about every aspect of her burgeoning business, including marketing, HR, CRM management, and R&D.

“The integrations Typeform offers with other apps and services is key for us,” reports Snoyer. “We can embed the forms directly into Squarespace and funnel the results into MailChimp. Moving forward, we’ll be using VideoAsk as well to facilitate video applications for prospective teachers and tutors. Typeform is an integral part of every aspect of our business.”

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