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The Boundary Breakers: meet the people changing the world with Typeform

We worked with Black Innovation Alliance to find 6 entrepreneurs who are innovating their industries with Typeform or VideoAsk. Here are our winners!

Change makers. Innovators. Boundary Breakers. In our partnership with Black Innovation Alliance, we went on the hunt for 6 people making a difference with Typeform or VideoAsk—and we weren’t disappointed. 

Our winners aren’t just using Typeform in new and interesting ways. They’ve found ways to be forces for good, with each of them creating opportunities for communities that are typically underrepresented. Hear from our winners, and learn more about their work, in the stories below.

Breonna Vereen

Breonna Vereen is the founder of Imani Cowrie, a 3D printed jewelry collection that makes lightweight statement earrings. Using Typeform, she’s onboarded her first intern, collected customer feedback, and plans to hire more employees as her business grows.

Dominique Luster

Dominique Luster uses Typeform to uplift Black history. Her business, The Luster Company, is an archival service that creates African American family trees and oral histories. With Typeform, Dominique builds trust quickly with new clients as they share their unique stories.

Garry Johnson III

Garry Johnson III's business First Founders is an inclusive program that helps new founders flourish. With the help of Typeform, Garry has shared the stories of over 300 minority founders and taken his community from local to global.

Justin McLeod

Community, curriculum, and coaching—that’s what Justin McLeod’s Square One Startup School is all about. His virtual prep school gives founders a place to connect while providing inspiration and support to new entrepreneurs.

Kayla Wright-Jackson

Kayla Wright-Jackson, cofounder of Transition, is using tech to help solve healthcare's staffing crisis. Her SaaS business uses VideoAsk to support healthcare workers throughout their careers, from standing out in interviews to learning career-boosting skills from an online library.

Kunbi Tinuoye

Kunbi Tinuoye knows firsthand just how hard it is to build a startup—and she was inspired to help others on their way. She began Geekz Ventures to help new founders get their tech-enabled startups off the ground, with a special focus on empowering Black, Latinx, and Indigenous businesses.

Want to learn more about our winners? Visit Black Innovation Alliance’s website to learn more about the Boundary Breakers and their exciting work.

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