• ChallengeBuild an industry-leading report to drive interest in a software developers' brand.
  • SolutionCreate a logic-powered survey to understand the thoughts and behaviors of thousands of software developers.
  • ResultPublished the biggest front-end developer research report of its kind, read by over 15,000 people.

Imagine you could look behind a software developer's eyes. What pushes their buttons? What are their hang ups? What do they dream about?

Some would argue you wouldn't even want to go there. Not The Software House, though. In fact, this development company was so intrigued by the collective mind of the front-end community that they wrote a book about it.

The State of Frontend 2020 is the largest front-end research report of its kind. Based on insights from thousands of developers across the planet, the report has been viewed by over 15,000 people and counting.

It's been huge for bringing attention to The Software House's brand, and getting them close to key industry figures.

The research report was the brainchild of Patryk Mamczur, Content Manager at The Software House. Let's go meet him in the interactive case study below and find out how he put this together in just two weeks using an intelligent Typeform survey. Start here:

That's the short story from Patryk. You can take a look at the typeform survey they sent to free users .

What's next?

Are you a content marketer thinking of creating this kind of big-hitting research? Here are a few things you can do next:

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