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Say hello to the Typeform-Intercom integration

At Typeform, we’re keen on conversations. So naturally, we’re big fans of Intercom.

The customer messaging platform lets you converse with your audience at scale, and its segmentation options help you to always say the right thing at the right time. If only it worked for dating too.

Not that we’d need it, because with Intercom we’ve found our perfect match. So to celebrate, we’re introducing the new Typeform-Intercom integration.

You can now embed a typeform directly into your Intercom Messenger conversations. A button will appear inviting your customers to fill out the typeform, without forcing them finish it to progress the conversation. This means a customer can carry on chatting and come back to fill in the typeform later.

Before this integration, you’d have to ask for each piece of info with individual chat messages. Or a customer would have to click a link to the typeform, which opened a new window.

Now, you can ask all the questions in one typeform—and they can have a conversation within a conversation.

What can I do with the Typeform-Intercom integration?

We asked Intercom’s live chat support on their homepage and here’s what they said:

How do I set it up?

Getting typeforms into Intercom Messenger is easy. To start, you need a typeform, an Intercom account, and a website where you’ll embed Intercom Messenger.

Once you have these things, go to the Intercom app store’s Typeform page, hit install now, then follow the instructions to connect your Intercom and Typeform accounts.

Once the Typeform app is installed, head over to the Messenger area of your Intercom workspace. Pick a conversation, add Typeform as a Messenger app, then select the typeform you want to add.

You start your Messenger conversation with a typeform, or you can drop typeforms into an ongoing chat at any time using the + button at the bottom of your chat window.

Not quite crystal clear? Check out our Help Center article for more detailed steps.

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