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Remote working statistics for CEOs vs. employees: an unexpected finding

COVID-19 has transformed the way we work. But what's been the impact? This infographic has the answers, thanks to input from thousands of workers around the world.

How’s work?

This year has shifted a huge portion of the global workforce to telecommuting. As a result, there have been hurriedly compiled work-from-home statistics being bandied about all over the Internet.

To get a closer look at how we're all really coping, we compiled some remote working statistics of our own, surveying over 2000 employees and CEOs/founders (on a typeform, naturally).

Then we teamed up with online infographic tool-maker Venngage, who helped turn our survey results into an awesome infographic.

Scroll down to check it out, along with some thoughts of our own.

The original intention of our survey was to find out how remote working has been for everyone, CEOs and employees alike. And there are certainly little gems in there—like distractibility seeming to both increase and decrease for employees, depending on who you ask!

But we also had an accidental, unintentional finding.

CEOs and founders were extremely reticent on our survey. Bear in mind that it was completely anonymous, and sent to people around the world, across industries. The only thing they all had in common was being on our mailing list. 

But as you can see in the infographic, CEOs frequently declined to answer questions, at rates of often over 40% per question. 60% declined to answer questions about their own productivity while working remotely and 61% retained a stony silence on the benefits of remote work.

Now, our data only shows us the questions on which CEOs and founders kept quiet, not why. 

Could it be that CEOs were just too busy to answer all the questions, but still wanted a chance at winning an iPhone or iPad for completing the survey? (It’s ok, we’ve all been there)

If you're curious about the typeform, you can preview it here:

Who were all the respondents anyway? Check out the demographic data on respondents here.

It’s been a tough year, and we’ve all been impacted. Maybe many of us just weren’t ready to answer some of those questions when the survey was sent out—that’s why we made all questions optional.

Whatever your work situation is, here's hoping for a better 2021

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