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Get started in minutes

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Delight your customers

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Collect more feedback

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What’s the importance of a customer feedback form?

If you want to grow your business, you’ll need to focus on your customers. Is your product solving their problem? If so, how efficient do they think your solution is? Would they recommend your service to friends? The only way to know how your customers feel is by asking them. Customers can provide you with invaluable, actionable feedback about your business.

What customer feedback questions should I ask?

Start backwards. What kind of answers do you want and what will you do with them? Want a list of things to improve in your business? Ask questions around that. Want to know the one thing you’re doing great and the one thing you need to work on? There’s your question. See your form as a one-to-one interaction with your customer. Be friendly, articulate, and look your best. Use Typeform to help the conversation flow at a more natural pace by asking one question at a time, and keep your customers engaged with visuals, hand-picked colors and fonts.

How often should I contact my customers?

Ever change your mind? So do your customers. One customer feedback email is not enough. Aim to follow up with customers on a regular basis—every three to six months, for example. Customer feedback forms help you track and measure the progress you are making. Think of them as an ongoing dialogue with your customer, not a one-off interrogation.

Which tools can I connect my form to?

Typeforms integrate with more than 500 apps. For instance, you can add new email entries to your MailChimp account, or connect your results to Google Sheets to examine your data. You may also want to get notified via Slack when a new customer has filled out your feedback form. Use all the help you want to transform your data into actionable decisions about your business.

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