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Register patients quickly with secure, mobile-friendly online forms

Go online

Go online

That's right, no more loose pens and paper. Just easy, mobile-ready online patient registration forms.
Secure data

Secure data

There's no need to worry about losing your patient's data. SSL encryption keeps your information safe and secure.
Faster & integrated

Faster & integrated

Speed up your patient registration process and securely integrate the data with your systems.

Why move patient registration forms online?

Death by filing cabinet. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever archived, you’ll know the pain of trawling through a sea of paper. Typeform eliminates paper trail fails. And with Typeform, patients aren’t bamboozled by multiple questions smushed into a piece of paper. The questions pop up—one at a time—making it super clear; patients will feel at ease the minute they start. Typeforms work great on mobile too, so even if you’ve got 10 people registering at the same time your reception area will avoid any flare-ups. It’s the miracle cure for confusion and wasted time.

What could a new patient registration process with Typeform look like?

For many people, registering with a new doctor is no spoonful of sugar. The process starts way before they step into the doctor’s surgery. When building your registration typeform, you should add a welcome screen to ease new patients in, and small descriptions to make questions clear. Customize the colors, font, and images to assure the patient they’re in professional hands. Use the opportunity to get key info: do they have insurance? A previous doctor? Patients like being able to make informed decisions—why not delight them by letting them choose their doctor? You can upload images so the medical pro is already a familiar face.

How will this fit in with our patient registration system as a whole?

Typeforms can effortlessly form part of a wider patient registration system. You can switch on email notifications to send personalized messages to new patients once they hit send. You can also notify your administration team. Go one step further and link your typeform with the tools you use most often; integrate with Google Sheets, for example, and your patients’ info will be poured lovingly into a handy spreadsheet. A link with Google Calendar will inject any key dates straight into your monthly planner. Doctors in your surgery using a different web system? With Typeform you can integrate with over 500 different web apps. Pain relief for administrators and patients alike.

Is a digital form suitable for collecting patients’ medical history?

Yes. Check out our patient registration form template to see examples of the type of questions you can ask. Using Typeform’s logic jump feature, you can avoid asking irrelevant questions by skipping them altogether. You can swerve round asking men if they’re pregnant, for example. In addition, little prompts within your typeform may encourage patients to answer more honestly (hands up anyone who’s lied to a doctor!) Of course, any data loss would be a hard pill to swallow, but SSL encryption ensures the typeform remains leak-free. Any responses to your typeform can only be viewed in a password-protected account. We’d recommend, though, that you check any compliance requirements that may apply in your neck of the woods.

Goodbye forms. Hello typeforms.

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