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Quick & Easy to Build

Quick & Easy to Build

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Wow Customers

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Friendly & engaging

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How can I measure customer satisfaction?

First, choose the best moment to do it. Like pizza at a company-wide meeting, you gotta strike while the slice is hot. Just delivered your service or product? Send a survey while it’s fresh in their minds. Got a user segment who’ve been using your service for a few weeks? Check in with them to avoid churning. You’ll need plenty of data, which means plenty of responses. Remember—survey fatigue is a real illness. OK, maybe not. But think about all the surveys you’ve skipped over. Yours has got to stand out, and that’s where Typeform can help out. The one-question-at-a-time approach feels more conversational, and engages customers in a way traditional forms don’t.

What should my customer satisfaction survey include?

Measuring customer satisfaction is not as straightforward as, say, measuring your revenue. That’s why your questions need to be carefully designed. Avoid questions that can be interpreted in different ways and stick to hard facts. Scale questions are great because the data can be easily compared. Avoid bias—pay close attention that the language on one side of the scale matches the other (extremely dissatisfied—extremely satisfied). Show, don’t tell—if you can use images instead of text, do it. Lastly, people like to know how long something’s going to take—it’s a survey, not a novel. Good news on that front—typeforms come with a handy progress bar as default.

How can I improve customer satisfaction?

You need the right metrics to know where to focus your energy. Does your service live up to customer’s expectations? How does it compare to customers’ ideal service? You might even consider an NPS survey. Ask customers to agree or disagree with five-point scales. Get into specifics. What part of the product or service are they most satisfied with? If you sell subscription underwear, did they like the baggy shorts or banana hammock best? Why / why not? Once you’ve got the metrics, start building customer retention strategies. Start with the biggest concern, improve it, and let customers know what you’ve done as a result of their feedback. Then, just rinse and repeat—don’t let that feedback loop fizzle out.  

Why use Typeform’s customer satisfaction survey?

Every interaction you have with your audience forms part of the customer experience. A satisfaction survey, therefore, isn’t above and beyond your brand. With Typeform, you can customize the survey to match your brand image and voice, and inject your own unique personality into the experience. If customers identify with this, you can increase trust—which in turn elicits more honest answers. In a real conversation, you’d ask different questions depending on what you’ve heard. You can do the same with Typeform—customer indicates they weren’t satisfied with the delivery? Jump to a question about delivery specifics. In the end, it means you get better data which, by the way, can easily be viewed in-platform, or sent to another app via one of the many integrations.

Goodbye forms. Hello typeforms.

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