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Online order form templates created for humans

Boost your sales by using a beautiful online order form that's a breeze to complete

Online order form templates created for humans

How to create an order form

  1. Decide what you’re going to sell online and decide how much you’re going to charge
  2. Use our order form template as a starting point—chop and change it until it suits you
  3. Upload the best photos of your products
  4. Set up a Stripe account so you can accept payment
  5. Share your new online order form on social media and your website (yep, you can embed your order form too)


What you need to know about order forms

When it comes to interactions on the web, there’s no reason why they should be different than in real life.

We see it all the time. A beautifully designed online store, a fancy logo, a delightful product page… and what happens when you get to the payment page?
It’s a series of boring and uninspired input fields. It’s more like an interrogation than a conversation. “Name”, “Credit card number”, “Address”.

You wouldn’t accept this in the real world, so why accept it online? Your order form might be the last touch point you have with your customer until they decide (or not) to come back again. For that reason, your payment page shouldn’t be forgotten about. It should be a friendly, engaging and conversational experience.

What is an order form?

An online order form is a sales tool that generates a contract between the buyer and seller. This contract is composed of the details of the order, as well as the customer’s contact and payment information. An order form collects credit card payments, and can be the most important element of revenue of an online business.

How to know what type of order form is right for you

What kind of order form are you making? Will you be selling multiple products at different prices, and will you need to apply local taxes to them? Are you looking to build a full online shop or just a one-off sale?

Take the time to understand your needs, and only focus on the information you wish to collect. For inspiration, have a look at Typeform’s order form templates.

T-shirt Order Form

T-shirt Order Form

Here’s an example of a good-looking shopping cart, aiming to sell a finite number of items in the smoothest way possible.

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Cake Order Form

Cake Order Form

This order form template allows you to show off your products, while giving customers the chance to customize quantities, delivery, and even the product itself.

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Online Donation Form

Online Donation Form

A great way to ask for monetary donations is through this engaging template. It accepts payments that are secure and easy to complete.

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Photography Booking Form

Photography Booking Form

This template allows customers to book an on-site service in advance. It also serves as a smart lead generator.

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What questions to ask on your online order form

What questions should you be asking? You may be dying to know about your customers’ buying habits, household income, and favorite colors, but if they don’t serve your order form’s purpose, rule them out. These questions can be saved for a marketing survey, or a feedback form.
If you don’t need to know, don’t ask: you may miss out on some data, but you’ll gain your audience’s trust.

Now, here’s a set of questions you should include in your order forms.

– Hey there, what’s your name?
– Where would you like your product to be delivered?
Please leave your address here.
– Great, and what’s your billing address?
– Amazing. Now, let’s keep in touch. What’s your email?
– And what’s your credit or debit card information?
Please follow the steps below.

Notice how we’ve kept a polite and friendly tone throughout. If you engage in a conversation, rather than coldly requesting information, you’re helping your customers feel at ease.

How to create an order form that converts engages

Creating an order form online is no easy feat. In some instances, you may even need to know how to code. If you’re looking to build something quick, beautiful, and secure, Typeform can be of immense help. What’s more, you won’t need to write a single line of code.

Here’s a set of Typeform features that will make the building process nice and easy, or take a look at our form builder for more info.


Taking payments is as easy as drag and drop

Payment Field can be dragged and dropped into any typeform to start collecting payments right away. Typeforms can be connected to Stripe in just one click, which means that payment collections are easy, secure, and effortless. When you collect a payment, the money goes straight into your Stripe account. Ching ching.


Add, subtract, multiply and divide as you go

If you’re selling more than one product or service, or have different options (like size, color, etc) then you’ll want to dynamically add up prices as you go. Typeform’s Calculator feature will help you with that.


Let your typeform take a different track

Want to show custom messages depending on what option your customer chose? Maybe you’ve sold out of a particular item, and need to let people know before they get too far into the buying process. That’s where Logic Jump comes in. Decide what following information or questions to show depending on the answer given in the previous step.


Go back to personalized service

Make the whole experience more personal, and a little more human. By using Typeform’s Piping feature, you can take information provided in previous questions and “pipe” it into following questions. For example, try asking for your customer’s name at the beginning of the process and then stay on first-name terms throughout. Those personal touches will take you a long way.


Instantly send your customers an invoice

Once payment has been processed, you’ll want to send your customer a receipt or invoice. You can do so by using Typeform’s respondent notification feature. That way, you can easily keep your customers in the loop.


Create a fully-branded order form

Make use of Typeform’s custom design options to make the shopping experience personal and delightful. Add a background image or color, pick your font, add images, videos, and even GIFs. You can even change the color of your order form’s buttons and text, as well as how default messages appear. That way, your order form will easily match your brand.


Look good, everywhere

It’s one thing to fit into desktops, but can you look the part on mobiles and tablets too? Typeforms certainly can: They are designed to be a delight to fill out, whatever the device. If you’re as mobile as your customers are, you’ll have a better chance of reaching them at any time of the day.


Fully embed your order form or let it stand alone

Want your order form to feel like it belongs on your website? You can embed your typeform right into your website, or have the typeform take up the entire page. Just copy-paste your custom embed code and add it via WordPress or your own HTML code—easy.

Take your order forms to the next level with integrations

So, you now have a good-looking, all-singing-and-dancing way to collect payments online. What now? Well, there’s lots you can still do to make your business more successful.

Businesses are built on workflows. When done right, they can keep things ticking over without too much manual intervention. Typeform integrates with your favorite apps and tools and it’s easy to set up using our Zapier connector. Here are some ideas of how to use integrations to power up your order form.


Add new customers to your CRM

Whether using Salesforce, Pipedrive, Contactually, or another CRM, you can integrate your typeform so a new customer record is created as soon as a new order comes in.


Keep a record of new orders in Google Sheets

Neatly store information on the sales you make by connecting your typeform to Google Sheets. You can easily analyze your data from there.


Notify your team of a new order in Slack

Integrate your typeform with Slack, so every member of your team can know when a new order has been processed. Don’t you just love automation?


Use MailChimp to beautify your order confirmation emails

Charm your customers with a beautiful order confirmation email. You’ll just need to integrate your typeform with MailChimp, and use the app’s design tools to make the email your own.


Add new customers to Intercom

As soon as a new customer comes your way, don’t let them go. Connect your typeform with Intercom to make sure their information is stored, ready for future conversations.