Send a MailChimp survey that gets you more responses

Don't settle for a list of multiple choice questions, show off who you really are—and dazzle your audience.

MailChimp and Typeform go together like chips and salsa. And with Typeform integrations, it’s never been easier to send a MailChimp survey that gets you real results. 

Why you should use Typeform for your next MailChimp survey

Stay far away from Typeform if you want:

• Half-baked responses

• Below average response rates

• Survey designs that haven’t been updated since 1999

But if you want something different. If you want chips and salsa with a heap of guac on top—choose Typeform for your MailChimp survey email. Surprise your subscribers and:

• Stay on brand, even when you’re using an email template

• Give IT a break—just copy and paste a survey code into MailChimp

• Keep your audience engaged from start to send

• Generate clear and visual reports which give you actionable feedback

• Be mobile friendly—typeforms work on any device without an antenna

3 ways to use Typeform with Mailchimp surveys

  1. 1
    Improve your service

    Do you give people good vibes, or are your customers walking straight into the arms of your competitors? Find out who’s blowing your trumpet with a Voice of the Customer Survey.

    With Typeform and MailChimp, you can add a rating scale to your next email—and start finding out if people think you’re as fab as you think you are.

    It’s super simple to add a typeform to your MailChimp survey. Just create the survey you want to send out, and we’ll whip you up your personalized html code. Now copy and paste that into you MailChimp template and voila!

  2. 2
    Get More Leads

    Typeforms are lead gen magnets. Why? ‘Cause they’re fun and interactive. There’s no snoozing here, typeforms grab attention—and they keep it till the Thank You Screen.

    Typing in an email address doesn’t feel like a chore when it’s part of a social media quiz or in an online sweepstakes. It’s all part of the experience. And with Typeform, you can zap those new leads to MailChimp quicker than you can say banana.

  3. 3
    Power up your workflows

    Segment to your heart’s desire. If you send out a pet food survey and Luke says he has a Labrador called Buttons—why would you send him info on your organic cat food?

    When you use Typeform for your MailChimp survey, you can choose for certain people to go into the right segmentations. So send Luke’s details to your list of dog lovers, and send him a money off voucher for Buttons’ treats.

How you ask is everything.

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