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Online Order Form Template

Sell products and vouchers online with a custom order form

T-Shirt Order Form Template

Sell your Voldemort-themed tees with this easy, secure order form

Photography Booking Form Template

Impress customers with a form that looks as polished as your photography

Checkout Form Template

Prompt customers to finalize the checkout process with an interactive form.

Photography Order Form Template

A form that’s so friendly, you won’t need to ‘say cheese’.

Cookie Order Form Template

The secret ingredient to selling more? Friendly forms.

Apparel Order Form Template

Make placing an order look as stylish as the clothes you sell with this snazzy interactive order form

Catering Order Form Template

Collect and manage your catering orders with this easy to use form

Pre-order Form Template

Use this example pre-order form to collect payment and shipping information before your product release

Photo Upload Form Template

Create a simple way to upload photos with this online form

Service Order Form Template

A service order form template to boost sales and loyalty.

Change Order Form Template

A fully customizable change order form template for quick, efficient contract changes

Book Order Form Template

Sell paper books on the web with an easy-to-use book order form template

Bakery Order Form Template

An easy, customizable bakery order form template to get your store online

Wholesale Order Form Template

Keep track of your large orders with a totally customizable wholesale order form template

Product Order Form Template

A fully customizable product order form template to start selling online

Stripe Payment Form Template

Integrate quick, easy, and secure payments to your sales journey

Supply Order Form Template

An online supply order form to request new stock

Purchase Order Form Template

Collect orders easily and quickly with this beautiful form

Online Donation Form Template

Increase donations with this easy-to-use form

Cake Order Form Template

Create a shopping cart that looks as good as your cakes

How to create a customer order form

  1. Decide what you’re going to sell online and decide how much you’re going to charge
  2. Use our order form template as a starting point—chop and change it until it suits you
  3. Upload the best photos of your products
  4. Set up a Stripe account so you can accept payment
  5. Share your new online order form on social media and your website (yep, you can embed your order form too)

What is an order form?

An online order form is a sales tool that generates a contract between the buyer and seller. This contract is composed of the details of the order, as well as the customer’s contact and payment information. An order form collects credit card payments, and can be the most important element of revenue of an online business.

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