No more guesswork—ask them what they really think

When building your brand strategy, it’s important to understand your brand awareness. Does your audience’s perception match the message you are trying to portray? Gather insights with a survey and figure out where the gaps are.

Add images, videos, logos, GIFs, and design to your typeform—and turn your bland, old survey into a brand-new experience.

Ask one question at a time and use images throughout. Filling out your survey will be a breeze.

Analyze your data in a beautiful survey report. Connect it to Google Sheets or your favorite web app.

Forms and surveys that perform

People abandon surveys because they get bored. Typeforms ask one question at a time to keep people engaged. Photos, GIFs and videos make them fun & interactive, so you get more insights to power your business.

How can I share my survey?

Embed surveys directly into a web page (no coding required) or with the click of a button, share via email, social media, or even through our Slack integration. Easy to complete on any device—so respondents can do it on the go.

300+ templates to discover

We’ve got templates for all sorts of things, from customer feedback and lead generation forms to digital marketing quizzes.

How do I get people to complete the survey?

Keep it fun and engaging. Surveys don’t have to be serious. We encourage a conversational feel, so it feels like chatting rather than an investigation. We believe you get more open and honest responses that way.

Consider what kind of questions to use in your brand personality survey. Closed questions that allow the participant to select a response, rather than write their own, means you can quickly manage the data and spot trends. But, this won’t give you the detail that you need to grow and improve. We suggest a mix of open and closed questions for the perfect survey.

No obstacles between you and valuable insights

Our typeforms are built to put the user at ease. When creating the perfect brand personality survey, you don’t want overwhelming pages of text. We keep it simple with just one question per page. We don’t do outdated design either—take a look for yourself, we think they’re beautiful.

We want your respondents to glide through the survey process, giving you all the information you need.

“Stop using ugly survey tools. Try Typeform for mobile-friendly, awesome surveys and forms. This is what I use.”

Kenny Jahng - Media & Innovation Pastor

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