A form that catches the eye and captures leads

Increase email opt-ins and keep track of your subscribers. This form blends into your website seamlessly and sends signups to your email marketing tools within seconds.

Add images, videos, logos, GIFs, and design to your typeform

Include your typeforms in an email, or embed it on your website.

Add images, animated GIFs, videos, and a custom background. Choose colors and fonts with a few clicks.

Forms and surveys that perform

People abandon forms because they get bored. Typeforms ask one question at a time to keep people engaged. Photos, GIFs and videos make them fun & interactive, so you get more insights to power your business.

Save time with integrations

Easily connect your typeform to your favourite apps with our wide range of integrations, from Slack to Google Sheets. Spend less time copying data and more time doing what matters most.

300+ templates to discover

We’ve got templates for almost everything, from customer feedback and lead generation forms to digital marketing quizzes.

Turn casual followers into dedicated fans

Email marketing is alive and kicking. It’s up to marketers to keep it that way. Grow your email list and up your game when it comes to sending out newsletters, updates and other perks your business offers. Let’s start right at the beginning, the moment potential fans can opt-in to follow you.

Add images, videos and persuasive copy to your form to show them what they’re signing up for. Speed up the process of subscribing, while keeping it fun and friendly. And to finish things off, keep your form on-brand with your own design.

Ask the right people at the right time

Show your email opt-in form in the places where it matters most and boost conversions. If someone’s been reading your blog, they’re obviously interested in your content so why not add it there? Easily embed the form where you need by copying and pasting the code into WordPress or your website’s HTML.

Manage your growing email list in Mailchimp, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign or any of the other email marketing tools Typeform integrates with. From there, automate the follow-up actions for new subscribers. You can set up personalized welcome emails and segment readers based on their responses, all without manually entering their data.

“GUYS I just found Typeform and it’s the best customizable form builder I’ve ever seen!”

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