Generate more leads with a beautiful, mobile-ready form. Learn how Prof. Elizabeth Stokoe helped optimize this template for respondents.

Increase conversion rates by keeping your leads focused and engaged from start to submit

Brand your online lead generation form by customizing colors, fonts, images, and much more.

Receive an email with each new lead. So you can make a quick and fully informed follow-up.

What’s lead generation marketing?

It’s a marketing process used to capture interest in your business. Lead generation is an important stage in the sales funnel, as strangers who show curiosity about your business are good potential customers. A lead is generated when a person provides contact details in exchange for an offer such as a coupon, a job opportunity, or a piece of content. This is your first point of contact. Take a look at our lead generation guide for some in-depth tips.

How do I capture leads?

Create a lead generation landing page using Typeform. This is perhaps the first thing your potential customers will see, so you’ll want it to be beautiful, easy to fill out, and friendly. Typeform takes care of this by asking one question at a time, just like in a real-life conversation. You can also fully customize your typeform, perhaps including your brand colors and hand-picked visuals. With a dapper first impression, you’re likely to put your audience at ease, and in turn, generate more leads.

How do I promote my lead generation form?

Use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, email newsletters, and your company blog to drive traffic towards your lead generation form. You may also want to consider paid online advertising, and pick the network that best suits your needs. Either way, you’ll want your form to look good on all devices. Typeforms seamlessly surf on mobile, tablet, and desktop alike, so your audience can fill them out wherever they are.

What can I do with the leads I collect?

Typeform makes not only the collection of leads simple, but also how you store and organize them later. You can integrate your form with more than 100 web apps. Transfer new emails to MailChimp, store large files in Dropbox, send your data to Google Sheets, or even have Slack notify you when a new lead has been captured. Whatever you are trying to achieve with your data, Typeform integrations can be infinitely useful.

“Just used Typeform for the first time and was blown away by the conversational UX, keyboard-first interaction, and overall attention to detail. Form builders are as old as the web, but this approach elevates the medium substantially.”

Johnny Rodgers - Product architect @SlackHQ

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