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Create a beautiful online membership application form in seconds. Learn how Prof. Elizabeth Stokoe helped optimize this template for respondents.

Impress prospective members with a beautiful application form that matches your brand.

Boost your membership by making it easy to apply anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Instantly send out welcome emails or process membership fees as new members join the club.

What information should I ask for in my membership application form?

Your application typeform might be the first time a potential new member experiences your brand. With that in mind, you’ll need to ask the usual name-phone-email questions. But it’s also a unique opportunity to build trust. What are you offering in exchange for their data? Include membership levels, fees, and benefits—all contributing to the promise of your membership offer. Ask critical questions to steer potential members towards their goal right off the bat—letting them know they’re in good hands. Collect membership fees within your typeform to bring it all together.

How will Typeform help me manage new members?

When the applicant has answered all the questions and hits ‘send’, the info is yours. But having info and not doing anything with it is a bit like storing a Ferrari in a garage and never taking it for a spin. You can use Zapier to race answers over to Google Sheets, MailChimp, Evernote, and more. From there, mold the data any way you want. Is your organization more than a committee of one? Collaborate with key team members using shared workspaces. You’ll be in good company, too—loads of people are using Typeform as their membership app.

How can I make my membership application stand out?

Think of Typeform as an extension of your brand. Dress it up with your brand’s fonts and colors, and throw in engaging visuals using images, GIFs, or videos. Now you’re ready to share. Just copy and paste the link to your typeform, or embed it right into one of your webpages. The look and feel of the typeform can match that of your website. Make it easy to find; identify the pages that bring in the most traffic to your site, and add some carefully-placed call to action buttons that invite people to join. Or don’t, if you want your Minecraft club to be exclusive to you and your best buddy.

How far can I go on the free plan?

You can start collecting membership applications today without hitting your bank balance. Use a variety of question types, personalize the experience with Recall Information, create workspaces, set up integrations with your favorite apps, and share your live report—all on Typeform’s free plan. Also, there’s more free templates to choose from, just in case you want to spread your wings and create other kinds of typeforms. And if you’re hungry for a bit of inspiration, there are lots of people who started off using Typeform’s free builder—just look at where they are now. You can learn a lot by asking questions with a warm tone and distinctive voice (not included). Use Typeform to create a conversation, not an interrogation.

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