Online Suggestion Box Template


Start collecting valuable feedback from your employees today. Learn how Prof. Elizabeth Stokoe helped optimize this template for respondents.

Employees give more & better feedback when using a beautiful, mobile-ready suggestion form.

Save time and paper with a form that sends each new suggestion straight to your email inbox.

Customize your form to fit your needs and style. Change fonts, questions, images, and more.

What’s a suggestion box?

It’s a tool used by organizations to collect employee input. Typically, respondents have the choice to leave their name, or remain anonymous. For businesses, suggestion boxes mean two things: employee empowerment, because anyone can share their thoughts at any time, and employee engagement ideas, because you never know where the best ideas will come from.

Why have a virtual suggestion box?

We know how pretty those traditional wooden boxes look, but are they the best long-term option? With an online suggestion box form, you’ll be able to collect as many thoughts as you want, whenever you want. Typeforms are responsive, and put people at ease by asking one question at a time. As a result, suggestions feel more genuine. Even better, your typeform will only take minutes to build.

“The key to improving form fill and response rates is to offer beautiful, intuitive forms! Best of the bunch by a mile: Typeform”

Fatih Mehtap - Head of EMEA Startup Marketing

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