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Get a big-picture idea of teacher performance with a teacher feedback form template.

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People abandon forms because they get bored. Typeforms ask one question at a time to keep people engaged. Photos, GIFs and videos make them fun & interactive, so you get more insights to power your business.

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How can teacher feedback forms help a school move forward?

There’s no substitute for getting feedback from those who know their teacher best. Structure your questions around areas that need improvement and set up workshops to help the whole team advance.

You’d be surprised at what comes out of an anonymous teacher feedback form. Kids who won’t say what they love come alive in these settings and can tell you who is an example to follow.

Know your audience

Let’s face it, feedback forms are boring for students, so you need a form that will engage them. A simple “rate the following out of ten” won’t cut it. Typeforms are interactive, personal and can be livened up with a splash of colour, pictures, GIFs, videos—you name it.

For the most accurate results, combine your opinion polls with long-form answers so they can explain their choices. You can even make certain questions required to avoid a wave of blank responses that tell you zilch.

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