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Spotify’s 28k strong waitlist, built with Typeform

Spotify for Artists was going global with Marquee, a tool to help musicians promote their latest releases. The new beta version would target audiences in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Spotify used a simple typeform to invite people to join the waitlist, resulting in 28k submissions.

See how Spotify got artists inspired

Waiting that feels elating.

Nothing builds buzz like the anticipation of something new. But people need to feel their FOMO is worth it. Give them an enticing glimpse of your product—and your brand—with a personalized journey that hints at a relationship worth having.

Elevate the wait

Eye candy in-line.

Describing features and benefits can pique interest, but why not bring your offering to life with striking designs, videos, and imagery? Create a mood of excitement while people wait for your new product, by appealing to all the senses.

Decorate the wait

Speed date your prospects.

Figure out who’s really ready for your product at the right moment, and prioritize your waitlist behind the scenes. Easily automate the process and get the answers you need, with less manual effort (and no hard feelings).

Find the right match

Get to know them better.

Gather data beyond the numbers, with insights on your ideal customers’ pain points and desires. Turn your form into a feedback loop and sync with other tools to keep the conversation going —and shape your product for even greater success.

Data that’s meaningful

I loved the way they made the survey a core part of the experience. As a user, you get really excited since it gives you a clue about what exactly they’re building and how it might improve your life.

KateDonahueKate DonahueHead of Product, Pitch

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