This growth hacker drove traffic using quizzes

Learn how a 30-day quiz challenge can drive targeted traffic, generate brand awareness, and fill up your sales funnel with quality leads.

In 1898, advertising agent E. St. Elmo Lewis developed a model that explained the customer’s journey—from first contact of a product all the way to purchase.

The formula was simple. Lewis called it AIDA: attention, interest, desire, and action. Capture a prospect’s attention, get them interested in your product, arouse desire, and convince them to take action.

Every old school marketer is aware of AIDA, also made famous by Alex Baldwin’s epic rant in Glengarry Glenn Ross.

The formula still works today. In time, AIDA gave birth to the purchase funnel, also known as the “sales” or “conversion” funnel (take your pick).

The sales funnel, early 20th century

Today, every business must understand its sales funnel to survive. If your marketing fails to generate enough quality attention, your business will fail, even if you have the best product for that market.

Peter Drucker, everybody’s favorite management guru, says it best:

The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.
-Peter Drucker

So savvy entrepreneurs must create and keep customers. How? By dissecting every stage of their conversion funnel to ensure one thing: give customers maximum value from every interaction at every stage of their journey.

Once you’ve established a funnel for your business, the next step is to drive traffic.

Growth hacking the funnel

When you’re first starting out, driving targeted traffic through your sales funnel is crucial. You can’t begin to optimize your funnel until you have a solid statistical baseline. Assuming you have a killer product and the right market for that product (product-market fit) you’ve got to find more customers.

Enter Duraid Shaihob. As a growth hacker at Marketizator (now—a rising conversion rate optimization tool—his goal was simple: drive gobs of traffic and make people aware of the brand.

To do this, he used a mix of tactics and tools—one of which is Typeform. Marketizator started a 30-day quiz challenge to build brand awareness. Here’s Duraid:

After using a tool that was specifically designed for quizzes, it turned out that Typeform was still the best option for us.

Marketizator specializes in conversion rate optimization, so he prepared quizzes on various topics including content marketing, growth hacking, e-commerce funnels, and relevant blogs for their audience.

Here’s a look at a few examples:

The conversion funnels quiz:

The blogs you should know quiz:

The conversion rate optimization quiz:

Did it work?

Many people took the quizzes and they generated awareness for our brand.

Bonus round

When you’re in a startup, sometimes it’s all hands on deck. You may be running a marketing campaign, hiring new team members, or doing customer support for new users. So you need something that can do more than one job for you—kinda like duct tape.

In addition to lead generation for Marketizator, Duraid also used Typeform as a job application to recruit team members. And he used it to get 71 signups in 48 hours for a productivity app. But he’s not done:

I’ve used Typeform for many reasons in the past. I love how flexible it is and we plan to use it for future projects as well.

Generate brand awareness. Capture leads. Get signups for your app. With an indispensable tool that can be used at every stage of the sales funnel, what will you create?

If you want to use quizzes to drive quality leads, check out how Duraid made his typeforms here.

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