How to build a simple quiz to boost interest in your business

A fun quiz can be a great way to boost interest in your business. We discovered how Marketizer used Typeform to create quizzes to generate quality leads for its conversion rate optimization software.

Here, we take a peak inside one of Marketizer’s successful quiz campaign typeforms to show you how to make quizzes for lead generation. You can find more examples and templates in our Create a Quiz section.

How to make a quiz like Marketizer’s

1. It’s simply made from a series of Multiple Choice questions. Each one is about how you feel about your business' funnel. 


2. Add Calculations to each question, so you can give respondents a score at the end of the quiz. Find out how to use it here. To find Calculations, go to the right-hand sidebar and click Logic > Branching and calculations: 


You only need to add one calculation to each question, meaning respondents get a point for correct answers, and nothing if they are wrong:


3. Make as many questions like this as your quiz requires. Remember you can Duplicate questions to save time. To do this, click on the three dots next to the question you want to copy and select Duplicate. 


4. Finish with an Ending. Type @ and you'll see a dropdown menu called Recall information from. Select Score. This will display respondents' final scores on the Ending screen.


Now your quiz is ready to be shared! Check out it out here

Check out our Create a quiz article for a detailed look at how you can use typeforms to create fun, responsive, and shareable quizzes!

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