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The four types of customer data and how they can prepare you for the cookieless future

The cookieless future is coming any day to be the new reality for marketers: no more third-party tracking cookies, just the four types of customer data, and a whole new perspective on marketing and personalization. Learn more about the future, now.

Tracking cookies have been the default of many brands for years, now, using them as a no-brain way to justify their marketing strategies and provide seamless experiences for customers. But besides their own shortcomings (assumed behaviors and preferences), they're now on the way out. With strict privacy policies gaining in momentum and scope, and major browsers like Chrome phasing out third-party cookies, the panic button has been pressed while brands scurry to find a new strategy.

But there's a simple solution: by relying on other types of data, like zero- and first-party, you can drive personalized experiences and engagement, while complying with and respecting new privacy expectations.

We've put together a survival guide to the cookieless future. Dive in to learn what the four types of customer data are and how to leverage them to meet both your marketing needs and your customers' expectations.

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