Manage your Christmas lists like Santa

Santa makes organizing Christmas gifts a little easier by using a typeform. This lets him know exactly what everyone wants, his Elves are organized and there’s no more letters to collect or store.

Here’s how to make a typeform like Santa’s.

This letter to Santa typeform uses Logic Jump, and requires a PRO account.

1: We start off with a festive Welcome screen, and upload a “Letter to Santa” image.
Santa 12: Then we have a short text question, asking for the children’s name.

Santa 23: The answer to this is then piped into the follow up question, making it feel friendly and personal.

Santa 3Click the dropdown menu to add a variable to the question – in this case the answer to the previous question. Now, whoever is sending their request to Santa will see their name here!

4: Next we ask for an email address – so Santa can contact the kids to give them their gifts.

Santa 45: Obviously, Santa knows if you’ve been good or bad, but he double checks with the children anyway, using a Picture choice question, with nice images of good/bad expressions that anyone can understand.

Santa 5He uses Logic Jump, so people see different follow up questions depending on whether they’ve been good or bad:

Santa's Logic Jumps6: Here are the two follow up questions. Both are Picture choice questions, but the version for good kids has more options!

Santa 6 Santa 77: As Santa says, kids these days aren’t so interested in surprises, and know exactly what they want. So he added a short text question where they can write in exactly the gift they wish for this year.

Santa 8Note that he’s piped the answer to question 1 through again, to keep the typeform personal.

8: Santa wants to be the best he can, so next he asks for feedback about last year’s present! A Rating question lets children give the gift a score out of 5. By going into his results, Santa can then see whether he’s improving on his gift deliveries year-on-year.

Santa 99: Finally, people get a warm send off with a personalized Thank You screen, that mentions them by name, again by piping through the answer to question 1.

Santa 1010: Santa also wants to reply to everyone, so he’s set up Respondent notifications. You can do this by clicking on the Configure panel:

Santa's Respondent NotificationsIn the Send a notification to field, he’s added a variable – the answer to question 3, which asked for an email address.

In the Subject, he uses the question 1 variable again, so people are mentioned by name.

In the Message field, the name variable is used once more, and then the answer to question 7 ‘So what exactly do you want’, to confirm what they asked for.

11. With a Zapier integration, Santa sends gift requests directly to a Trello board, which the elves use to organize their work. Find out how you can do that here.

You can find out more about Santa’s Typeform story on our blog.

Try Santa’s typeform for yourself: