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Survey & Questionnaire Templates & Examples—look awesome and get better data

“Ordinary” doesn’t cut it anymore. Use interactive, conversational surveys and get more answers. Customize your template example and launch your next survey today.

Survey & Questionnaire Templates & Examples—look awesome and get better data

Turn surveys and questionnaires into experiences

You’re looking for better ways to connect with audiences. You hit the spot with your product, social media, and landing pages—so why not with online surveys? If you’re not a pro at survey data analysis or are wondering how to conduct a survey, we’ve got your back.

Questionnaires, forms and things like that are already a part of your everyday conversations. So make them interactive, personalized experiences—and get better data.

Planning a product launch? Sculpting your customer journey 2.0? Then don’t suck the life force out of people with the average, bland survey.

Instead, leave lasting impressions.


Net Promoter Score
Understand and improve
your customer experience

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Get to know people and create
better products and services

Brand Awareness Survey
Navigate the competitive
jungle like a champ

Student Satisfaction Survey
Become a better educator
with actionable feedback

Demographic Survey 
Know your audience,
grow your business

Candidate Experience Survey
Improve your hiring process
and hire kick-ass talent

Market Research Survey
Master your market with
more, better data

Employee Satisfaction Survey
Find and repair flaws in any
employee experience

Branding Questionnaire Survey
Plan your brand strategy today
for an early Christmas

Customer Development Survey
Validate your product or market
and get on track from the start

Post Event Survey
Event planning
made easier

Straw Poll Template
Take the temperature
on any issue

Online Poll Maker
Get opinions and
make better choices

Social Media Survey
Find your audience,
segment like a pro

Product Survey Template

Validate your next product

in style


Boost conversions

Keep your audience focused and engaged from start to finish.


Create a better workflow

Send answers automatically to MailChimp, Google Sheets, Salesforce, and hundreds more through Zapier.


Stay on-brand

Surveys vs questionnaires. Whatever one you choose, it’s a critical touchpoint. So why not turn them into unique experiences?