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Human Resources (HR) Surveys

thumbs41 candidate experience

Candidate experience survey template

Improve your hiring process and your employer brand

Candidate Feedback Survey Thumbnail

Candidate feedback survey template

Ensure your interview process is successful by getting feedback on your recruitment process

Career Development Survey Thumbnail

Career development survey template

Find out if your employees are satisfied with their growth opportunities

Commuting Survey Thumbnail

Commuting survey template

Research transport habits and trends

Diversity and Inclusion Survey Thumbnail

Diversity and inclusion survey template

Understand how you can promote equality at your workplace

Employee Attitude Survey Thumbnail

Employee attitude survey template

Find out what your staff think of your company’s values, processes and people.

thumbs43 employee benefits

Employee benefits survey template

Who benefits from your benefits? Use this interactive survey for actionable feedback.

Employee Empowerment Survey Thumbnail

Employee empowerment survey template

Understand how to support and engage with your employees better

thumbs44 employee engagement

Employee engagement survey template

Get the bigger picture to improve your business where it counts

Employee Induction Survey Thumbnail

Employee induction survey template

Find out how your new recruits are settling in

Employee Morale Survey Thumbnail

Employee morale survey template

Check in on the mood of your team and keep employees motivated

Motivation Survey Template Thumbnail

Employee motivation survey template

Discover how to improve your team's motivation levels with this interactive feedback survey


Employee on-boarding survey template

Improve your on-boarding with an interactive survey

Employee Opinion Survey Thumbnail

Employee opinion survey template

Find out what your workforce really think and identify areas to improve

employee orientation survey [template] Thumbnail

Employee orientation survey template

Review your onboarding process and help new hires settle in

employee performance survey [template] Thumbnail

Employee performance survey template

Evaluate employee KPIs, identify areas for improvement, give business a boost

Employee Recognition Survey Thumbnail

Employee recognition survey template

Allow your employees to nominate their peers for good work.

Employee Retention Questionnaire thumbnail

Employee retention questionnaire template

Find out how to keep your best talent on board

Employee Safety Survey thumbnail

Employee safety survey template

Keep your staff safe and avoid workplace injury

thumbs29 employee sastifaction

Employee satisfaction survey template

Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Employee Turnover Survey Thumbnail

Employee turnover survey template

Reduce staff turnover by asking how to improve

Employee Wellness Survey Thumbnail

Employee wellness survey template

Find out how happy and healthy your employees are

thumbs33 exit survey template

Exit survey template

Saying bye to an employee? Ask them about their experience and increase retention in the long run

Gender Inequality Survey Thumbnail

Gender inequality survey template

What do people think of gender discrimination and how many have experienced it?

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