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Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates


(CES) customer effort score survey template

Use insights to reduce churn and boost customer loyalty


Client satisfaction survey template

Not sure if your clients are happy? Find out with a client satisfaction survey template

Thumbnail Communication Survey

Communication survey template

Make sure your business communicates clearly with employees by using this HR communication survey template.


Customer feedback form template

Beautiful, fun, easy to complete. Comes with useful rating questions


Customer onboarding feedback survey template

Make your customer success team even stronger by getting feedback on them direct from the customer


Customer satisfaction survey template

Great for honing in on specific things to improve

Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

Customer service satisfaction survey template

Get feedback on your customer service interactions using this simple online survey template

event satisfaction survey template Thumbnail

Event satisfaction survey template

Find out what your attendees thought of your event and use the insights to improve the next one

Gym Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

Gym satisfaction survey template

Find out how to improve your facilities and keep your gym patrons happy

Member Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

Member satisfaction survey template

Get feedback from your members and keep participation high

NPS Survey Thumbnail

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template

Find out how willing your customers are to share your brand with their friends or colleagues

membership satisfaction survey Thumbnail

New member questionnaire template

Keep members happy, reduce churn and create a more customer-centric service

Reader Satisfaction Survey template Thumbnail

Reader satisfaction survey template

Create your best content ever—run a survey to find out what readers want next

Resident Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

Resident satisfaction survey template

Ensure your residents are happy with their living conditions and care

restaurant customer satisfaction survey template Thumbnail

Restaurant customer satisfaction survey template

Get honest feedback from customers on your food, service, and restaurant vibe

Salon Evaluation Survey Thumbnail

Salon evaluation survey template

Get feedback on your clients’ salon experience

sponsorship satisfaction survey Thumbnail

Sponsorship satisfaction survey template

Listen to your supporters and find out what they think of the sponsorship program

thumbs30 student sastifaction

Student satisfaction survey template

Measure student satisfaction quicker and easier than ever before

User Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

User satisfaction survey template

Are you keeping your users happy? Find out by building a custom online survey

Vendor Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

Vendor satisfaction survey template

Improve your vendor relationships with results from this online survey.

Website feedback questionnaire screenshot

Website questionnaire template

Get valuable feedback about your website with this template

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