Mejora el rendimiento del equipo al obtener feedback de todos

360 degree performance review surveys are among the best ways to get clear, constructive employee feedback that tells you how your team is doing.

From interns to upper-management, these performance reviews will help you identify the quiet leaders in your company—as well as where there are areas for improvement.

El feedback tradicional de arriba hacia abajo se acabó por fin. Involucra a todo el equipo para obtener mejores evaluaciones.

Utiliza una forma potente y amigable para dispositivos móviles y compártela fácilmente con todo tu equipo.

Haz que esta plantilla sea completamente tuya. Añade o elimina preguntas, cambia la lógica y personaliza el diseño.

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¿Qué es la evaluación 360º?

En el mundo corporativo, es un proceso en el que los empleados reciben feedback anónimo de todos los que trabajan con ellos, desde los gerentes hasta los miembros del equipo y desde los compañeros hasta el personal de apoyo. La evaluación de 360º grados es una oportunidad para el desarrollo profesional. Ofrece consejos profesionales regulares y prácticos, a diferencia de las evaluaciones de desempeño tradicionales, que normalmente solo ocurren una vez al año.

The best 360 review questions to ask

We’re going to give you some sample feedback questions to get the ball rolling. These review questions are good to break into different sections so that you can get a full overview of the situation.

Leadership questions

As anybody who has spent more than 20 seconds on LinkedIn will know—leadership skills are in perennial high demand across all companies.

Decision making, communication skills, delegation and offering new ideas are all aspects that make up the perfect leader—so try to include questions that deal with these skills in your feedback survey.

  • Does your supervisor handle conflict well?
  • Does your colleague motivate the team consistently?
  • Is your supervisor constructive in their feedback?

Problem-solving questions

Tonnes of people have an amazing CV and can excel in an interview. But they can buckle when it comes to challenging solutions. And in the constant flux of the job marketplace, problem-solving skills have never been more important.

Here are some example 360 degree review questions about problem-solving to get you started:

  • Is your colleague skilled at identifying problems in the team?
  • Does your supervisor take everybody’s interests into account when finding solutions to issues?
  • Does your supervisor effectively use company resources to tackle issues?

Organizational questions

Organizational questions can range from personal professionalism, such as arriving on time—to how a supervisor structures their team.

This makes these questions a key part of any 360 review:

  • Are your work objectives clear?
  • Do your feel your opinions are taken into account for decision making?
  • Are work deadlines realistic?

Interpersonal questions

Interpersonal skills are the glue that holds a team together. Get them right, and working can be a pleasure. But get them wrong and it can lead to confrontation and mistrust.

You can elicit how well a member of staff gets along with their colleagues with the following questions:

  • Would you describe your colleague’s communication as clear and concise?
  • Do you feel comfortable contributing to team meetings?
  • Has your colleague ever brought together team members to help complete a task?

Gaining feedback is the cornerstone on which our company was built. Typeform is allowing us to build on this concept with clean interfacing and it doesn’t break the bank!

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How to structure your survey

Nearly there—you just have to put the questions down onto the 360 survey. And there are two things you have to take into consideration here—the question types you use and how you structure your survey.

Which question types to use

Internal performance management surveys do not require the same cleverly crafted questions that customer-focused surveys need.

This means you can go to town on open-ended questions and get both quality and quantity in your feedback.

Like in our sample questions, a good idea is to use Rating questions with a mandatory comments question to give examples.

More detail gives more accuracy and ultimately provides you with the information you need to take the right steps in the future.

How to structure your 360 feedback survey

So, you have your open-ended questions ready—nice.

Now, you have to structure them clearly.

One golden rule for all surveys is to make sure each question logically follows the last. This doesn’t just make it easier for your colleagues to answer, but you’ll find it a lot simpler to analyze later.

Another aspect that makes life easier for everybody is to focus each question on just one topic.

Questions that span two issues can create confusion, so if you want to ask two things—simply use two questions.

¿Qué hago con mis datos recogidos en la evaluación de desempeño 360?

Una vez que los empleados hayan enviado tu encuesta de evaluación 360 grados, querrás saber qué hacer con tus resultados. Puedes integrar tus formularios online de evaluación 360 ​​grados con más de 500 aplicaciones web, que puedes usar para analizar la evaluación o almacenar datos importantes en los lugares correctos.

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