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What is 360 degree feedback?

A 360 degree feedback questionnaire is a series of questions given to employees that allows them to give anonymous feedback to their management, colleagues, and team. It is named 360 because staff will receive feedback from not just their manager but also the people who report to them and colleagues at their level. It is a chance to review your knowledge, skills, and impact on the team’s performance.

What should be included in 360-degree feedback?

It can be daunting to write a 360 degree feedback questionnaire for employees as there are so many factors and staff to include. Here are some best practices for what to include in your 360 degree feedback survey:

  • A statement of the intent of the survey and how the information will be used
  • A statement confirming that all feedback is anonymous
  • A reminder that feedback should be based on facts and examples are necessary
  • Ask who the person would like to review (name, title, and seniority)
  • Ask them to rate the person on productivity, technical skills, knowledge, and impact
  • Ask them to provide an example of a time this individual was successful
  • Ask them to provide an example of a time this individual was not successful
  • Ask them, what they believe this individual needs to improve and why

What questions should I ask in my 360 feedback form?

Think about what you want to measure. Are you looking for specific or general feedback from your 360? Either way, your form should be short and simple. Use a tone that encourages the respondent to give constructive feedback, whether it’s about things that their colleague is doing well, or things they can improve. Take a look at our 360 degree feedback questions article for some inspiration.

What are the benefits of 360 degree feedback?

360 degree reports can be extremely impactful and can help employees get a complete view of their strengths and weaknesses. If done correctly, a 360 feedback review can help employees with their professional development with regard to both hard and soft skills. These reviews can help create a company culture of honesty and trust. However, these reports must contain constructive feedback only, as they can be extremely harmful if it simply turns into an opportunity to criticize a manager or coworker.

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