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How to make a course registration form

Whether it’s for class registration, school or higher education programs, there are several course registration form templates word docs available. Although these enrollment form PDFs might seem convenient, they actually make for a lot more work and are much harder for people to access. So, to minimize time on admin and registrations it’s best to go for an online registration form that can be hosted on a webpage and shared via a link.

Here’s you need to do to make an online course registration form and what should be included:

  1. Find a course registration form sample or template online (and start to edit)
  2. Gather student details (name, email, etc)
  3. Check their availability and ask what time they can to attend the course
  4. Ask about their relevant experience (when necessary)
  5. Ask them to write a short paragraph about their motivations to join the course
  6. Provide an email or upload option for their CV or academic history

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