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Make performance reviews more effective with online self-appraisal forms

Foster more effective discussions about job performance and goals by giving employees a voice.

Fully customize your form to match your internal evaluation criteria and company brand.

Save time and be more efficient by managing performance reviews and self evaluations online.

Why is employee self evaluation important?

Because one-way streets are restrictive. Sitting down and listening to what your manager thinks of you? That’s the old way of doing things. With self evaluations, the employee is given a voice. The manager’s role is to listen. Think about getting into an argument—do you find it easier to accept the other person’s point of view when they’re shouting you down? Or once you feel you’ve been heard? Introducing self evaluation forms will help your team shape their performance appraisal and boost employee engagement as a result. They’ll be invested in setting their own targets, rather than feeling like they are the target.

What are the benefits of using self evaluation tools?

Perhaps you work closely with your staff. You may have lunch together. You may have even declared your love to them at the office Christmas party. But no matter how close you are, you’ll never really get the full picture on what might be affecting motivation and performance. A self evaluation can help identify differences in perception, and avoid wild stabs in the dark on how your staff are feeling. The information you get will help you prepare for a fruitful appraisal meeting, rather than awkward silences and hurt egos. The best benefit of all? Staff will start seeing direct links between self evaluations and the work they do. That means better job satisfaction and more reasons to stick around.

How do I write great self evaluation questions for employees?

An employee self evaluation is an opportunity for staff to think about their career—not their job. Help them to map out their career journey. Start by asking them how far they’ve come—have they accomplished the goals set in the last performance review? By what degree? What got in the way? What helped? This will lay the groundwork for thinking about the future. What would they like to achieve over the next six months? Robots have purely functional aims, humans have emotional aims—prompt some personal goal setting. How would they like to be perceived in the organization? What do they want to learn? Remember SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound. Otherwise, you’re setting up to fail.

Why use Typeform’s self evaluation form template?

Your staff are busy enough. Now imagine sliding an 8-page self evaluation form onto their desk. Not cool. The entire evaluation process is a conversation. So make it more conversational. Typeform’s interface lets you ask questions one at a time, giving employees the chance to focus on their responses carefully, and answer in a natural and honest way. You can customize the form to make it way more inviting. Add images, gifs, videos, logos, and your company’s color scheme. What’s the point of asking for feedback if it then hits a brick wall? You can act on the info by setting up automatic email notifications, creating spreadsheets, or creating cards in Trello—all with Typeform Connect. Oh, and at Typeform we love employee feedback. So much, in fact, we wrote a guide on how to do it, 360 degree-style. If you’re looking for something else, check out our form builder.

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