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How to get webinar feedback

Webinar feedback is so important for improving your online services and creating satisfied customers that return for more. However, collecting feedback for your webinars can sometimes be a tricky process to manage.

Use an online form that’s easy to navigate and share with guests. After you’ve hosted your webinar, send out a wrap-up email to everyone who said they would attend—whether they did or not.

Give them the option to watch a recorded version of the webinar online. In the same email, introduce your webinar feedback form and express how you plan to use feedback to improve.

How to manage webinar feedback with a form

Make sure you don’t get stuck on the idea of only improving content. Try to create questions that will let you know different areas to improve on.

Once you’ve collected all of the information, convert it into actionable points.

If many people said they were unlikely to recommend your webinar to a friend, how can you change that? If people only heard about your webinar through social media, yet you put a lot of money into Google ads, then consider readjusting your spend.

As long as each question can result in an actionable outcome, you’ll continue to improve your online services.

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