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Typeform delivers solution to help companies capture and convert more customers

Innovations including video capabilities, data enrichment, and AI-powered analysis enable businesses to boost customer acquisition with end-to-end solution

SAN FRANCISCO, July 1, 2024 -- Typeform, the intuitive form builder and conversational data collection platform, today announced Typeform for Growth, a suite of new capabilities designed to help businesses capture, qualify, and convert leads to boost revenue growth. The capabilities were designed with growing businesses in mind, providing go-to-market (GTM) teams with an intuitive platform to streamline customer acquisition. Now it’s easier than ever to create engaging experiences to collect zero-party customer data, automatically enrich responses, and harness the power of AI to automate marketing workflows.

"For over a decade, Typeform has continuously redefined online engagement,” said Aleks Bass, Chief Product Officer, Typeform. “With the launch of Typeform for Growth, we're once again leading the charge, empowering businesses to interact with audiences in more dynamic and personalized ways. This new suite of capabilities consolidates multiple tools into one seamless solution, making it easier than ever to understand, engage, and convert customers."

Typeform has been on a mission to make collecting data more engaging and enjoyable for both creators and respondents since its beginning, empowering more than 150,000 customers to gather the information they need to grow their businesses. Today's launch expands on that vision by introducing new features that enable companies to collect data in more interactive ways and integrate it throughout their technology stack. With a more complete customer picture, GTM teams can enhance engagement and personalize every journey, all while increasing efficiency. The innovations come at a critical time, as McKinsey & Company’s 2023 Global B2B Pulse found that 77% of companies using direct one-to-one personalization observed an increase in market share. 

Key benefits of Typeform for Growth include: 

Use interactive, multimedia forms to stand out. Capture more leads with on-brand, hyper-personalized forms that include a mix of text, audio, images, and video. In 2023, forms created with Typeform saw an average completion rate of 47.3%, more than 25 percentage points higher than the industry average completion rate of 21.5%, according to Typeform’s The Data on Data Report.

  • Video forms: Record, edit, and embed personalized videos into forms to connect with customers, boost engagement, and increase conversion rates.

Gain deeper insights with less lift. Enrich data directly in Typeform to better understand customers and streamline customer acquisition workflows, eliminating the need for a separate lead data enrichment tool. 

  • Automated enrichment: Focus on asking the important questions and let Typeform fill in the rest with real-time B2B data enrichment.

  • Data quality controls: Protect the integrity and quality of data with reCAPTCHA and advanced spam-blocking measures.

Convert more leads into pipeline. Create touch points for all leads and use automation to connect with high-value leads faster. Leverage AI to improve marketing and sales efficiency and effectiveness.  

  • Workflow automation: Automate scoring, routing, and emailing to quickly prioritize and connect with promising opportunities. 

  • Smart Insights and Ask AI: Uncover key data insights by using AI to analyze large volumes of data and query data with natural language.  

“The way Typeform integrates data across sources provides deeper insights than what we’ve had access to before,” said Justin Lubomirsky, Senior SEO Manager, OrCam. “With a more complete image of our audience, we can better customize content, creating more effective customer engagements that positively impact our business.” 

The suite of capabilities is available now in the company’s newly released Typeform for Growth plans, providing companies of all sizes, industries, and budgets access to sophisticated marketing tools in one platform. Existing customers can upgrade their plan immediately to gain access to the new features. 

To learn more about how Typeform is helping companies drive growth, visit:

About Typeform

Typeform is a distinctly intuitive form builder that helps over 150,000 customers collect and validate the data they need to grow their businesses. Designed with striking visuals, a conversational flow, and powerful data capabilities, Typeform empowers brands to give and get more with each form. Typeform drives more than 500 million responses each year and integrates with essential tools including Zapier, HubSpot, and Slack. For more information, visit

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