Typeform vs. Outgrow: Which is better? [2024]

See how Typeform compares to Outgrow to help you create personalized survey experiences.

Person comparing typeform vs outgrow to find the best form builder.

With all the survey-building tools out there, it’s important to choose the right one. How can you know what the right choice will be? Looking at Typeform vs. Outgrow, both tools can create forms, surveys, polls, and more for a variety of use cases. 

If you need a high level of interactivity, Outgrow might be a better choice because you can create a chatbot. However, Outgrow has a lot of restrictions on the types of questions and projects you can create based on your plan.

If you want more flexibility in what you create and how you design it, then Typeform has what you’re looking for. Unlike Outgrow, you can completely customize your layout and use templates, even with our free plan. There are also no restrictions on the type of project you can create, so you can let your creativity run wild.

Hang around to see how these two tools compare, covering the differences between their design, data, features, integrations, support, and overall value.

Typeform vs. Outgrow comparison

Outgrow allows you to gather more responses with its starter plan, but there’s no free trial. You’ll also need multiple account upgrades to access most of the advanced features and create more projects. While there’s a seven-day free trial, there’s no free plan on Outgrow.

Typeform limits responses depending on your plan, but you can create unlimited projects. You can also access nearly all the features and design capabilities of the tool on any Typeform plan. Even on Typeform’s free plan, you can create personalized experiences to help your business thrive.

Let’s dive deeper into how these tools perform.

Typeform vs. Outgrow

*Available for paid plans only

Captivating design

Do you want surveys that look like you spent tens of hours crafting the perfect design assets? A variety of icons, photos, and videos create dynamic visual effects and a better respondent journey that makes filling out your survey a joy. 

Although Outgrow has similar design capabilities to Typeform, many are limited based on your plan. For example, there are no custom layout options, and only Business plans can access Outgrow’s layouts and templates. It also only has an integrated Unsplash library, limiting what you can create without external design resources.

Typeform has integrated photo, video, and icon libraries that maximize your survey’s potential and help you achieve a higher level of engagement in less time. Both tools are no-code survey creators, but Typeform allows unparalleled flexibility and design options without CSS. With Typeform, you can collect 3.5x more data, easily.* 

Digestible data

Outgrow might be a better choice if you’re looking to integrate your survey with custom calculators and chatbots for advanced data collection. However, this makes Outgrow a more complicated tool to use, which isn’t ideal if you need to launch a survey with a deadline or you don’t have the time to learn how to use Outgrow.

Typeforms are easy to create quickly and adaptable to many different use cases while boosting completion rates by up to 34%.*. Our automatic reporting covers important data at a glance, like drop-off analysis, survey response rates, completion rates, and more. Use our integrations to help create extensive reports and start getting more out of your data. 

Valuable features

Outgrow offers eight total content types, depending on your plan. If you need to create or use a chatbot, Outgrow can help with an Essentials or Business plan. While Outgrow offers more features at a glance, many features are restricted based on the plan you choose, including essentials like:

  • Designable welcome pages

  • HTML and CSS editing

  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited access to templates 

  • Unlimited control over layout

  • Logic jump and conditional messaging

Typeform is easy to learn without sacrificing the valuable features you need to create a successful project. That’s why 85% of customers trust Typeform to collect business-critical data.* With just one tool, you can create surveys, forms, quizzes, and even product prototypes.

Sync data from other forms and create advanced surveys that recall previous responses or even calculate quotes for respondents on the spot. You can put as much or as little effort into your Typeform as you’d like—whether you create a completely customized layout, use one of our templates, or let AI lead the way to suggest improvements—no matter your Typeform plan.

Worthwhile integrations

Outgrow provides access to thousands of integrations, but you can only use one for standard accounts. You can add on to Agency, Enterprise, and Custom plans as needed. If you need a particular integration for your project that doesn’t connect with Typeform, then it could be worth going with Outgrow. 

Otherwise, Typeform offers more flexibility because you can use multiple integrations for each project without upgrading your plan each time you need another. Though Typeform has fewer integrations overall, it has some key integrations you won’t find on Outgrow, including:

  • DocuSign

  • Adobe Sign

  • Dropbox

  • Canva

  • Notion


  Typeform Outgrow
Image layout customization
Designable and customizable welcome screen and thank you pages
Mobile responsiveness
Integrated professional photo, video, and icon libraries ✔ Unsplash library
Add icons from Noun Project, videos from Pexels, photos from Unsplash ✔ Unsplash library
Custom subdomains X
Compliant with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and WCAG 2.1 ✔* ✔ Not PCI-compliant
Ability to sync data with other forms
Data Analysis
Question-by-question drop-off analysis ✔* X
API and webhooks
Ability to generate a report on surveys/forms
  Typeform Outgrow
Google Sheets
DocuSign X
Adobe Sign X
Dropbox X
Canva X
Notion X X

Knowledgeable support

Outgrow and Typeform offer different support options based on your plan. With Outgrow, Freelancer and Freelancer Pro plans only have access to live chat and self-help resources. Essential plans gain access to email support, and Business plans gain access to email and phone support.

With Typeform, all plans have access to email, learning forums, and self-help documents. Typeform’s Plus, Business, and Enterprise plans unlock live chat support, and email requests from Business and Enterprise plans get prioritized.

These two tools are similar in their overall offerings, though they offer different types of support to different account levels. If you prefer live chat support, then you might go with Outgrow. If you prefer email support where you can keep a thread going, then you might prefer Typeform.

Transparent value

Outgrow has a seven-day free trial before you can choose a plan, starting at $22 per month for its Freelancer plan. However, many features are restricted, and if you want full access to the tool, it’ll run you at least $600 per month with its Business plan. In addition to limited features, you can only create five projects with the Outgrow Freelancer plan.

Typeform has a free plan option. Paid plans start at $25 per month and are billed based on responses, so you can create as many projects as you’d like. Some features are limited to paid plans, like accepting payments or allowing respondents to upload documents. But even free plans can take advantage of all question types, templates, and Formless, our AI helper, to create a well-designed survey.

Typeform: An easy-to-use Outgrow alternative

Creating beautiful and professional surveys should be simple. Typeform gives you freedom and flexibility—keep your survey simple and straightforward or flex your creative skills to create custom respondent conversations.

*This data comes from internal Typeform users polled.

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  Typeform Outgrow
Free plan X
Paid plans Basic = $25/mo; unlimited forms, 100 responses Team plans start at $95 per month; individual plans start $22 per month
Unlimited # of forms with a paid plans ✔*Multi-user accounts only
Accepts payments
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