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API Changelog

Stay up to date with the latest changes in Typeform API

We will post here any new changes and breaking changes in our APIs.

[07-03-2024] Partial responses release

As a part of releasing partial responses we introduced new functionality to Create and Responses API.

Create API:

  • Ability to create or update milestones within a form definition. See form settings for more details.

Responses API:

  • Ability to fetch partial responses. See the new response_type query param for more details.

[08-08-2023] 🐛 Choice id and ref in webhook payload

The webhook payload will now include the id and the ref of the selected choice in choice questions such as multiple-choice, picture-choice, dropdown or ranking.

This will help you identify which choice was selected regardless of its label, which is specially useful when you own many forms with different languages.

[25-05-2023] 🐛 Return custom typeform link in form API

A typeform link follows the format where formId is a unique string of random characters. Typeform links could be customized to remove this random string and be more explicit. Turning into

When calling the Retrieve Form endpoint on a typeform that had a custom link, the API was returning the original link with form id. It now returns the custom link.

[23-03-2023] Webhook disabled on 404 response

We decided to disable webhooks that respond with 404 status code.

[08-03-2023] New partial update endpoint for themes

We exposed a new PATCH endpoint on our themes API, for safely updating themes with partial payloads. Partial updates via the existing PUT endpoint are now deprecated.

[02-03-2023] New file upload endpoints

We exposed two additional endpoints for downloading files uploaded by form respondents, both:

[20-02-2023] Webhook payload changes

New webhooks fields

We updated our webhooks structure to include the ending reference on both: a new field and the definition attribute. An example of a valid webhook payload can be found here.

[01-09-2022] Default type changes


We plan to gradually move default type from form to quiz. As such, we recommend developers implement this change by early December 2022. Valid value types can be found here.