A more time-effective way to receive reports

If there’s anything you need more of, it’s time. Reduce the time you spend collecting non-emergency reports with an online form.

Get instantly notified when a new incident is reported and have the data sent to your own systems.

Make it easier to report incidents and accidents online so you can take action more quickly.

Look great and impress your audience with a form that stays on-brand all day long

Share and get responses easily

You can embed forms straight into your site—we’ll generate the code for you. Or launch in an email, share on social media, or copy and paste the link wherever. Plus, people can answer on any device—mobile, tablet, or computer.

Why use a visual, interactive form?

Because it’s a friendlier experience for your audience. And a better experience gets better results. People using typeforms get higher completion rates (and more compliments). Try the preview and see for yourself.

300+ templates to discover

We’ve got templates for almost everything, from customer feedback and lead generation forms to digital marketing quizzes.

An easier way to manage reports

It’s important to be able to review and deal with reports in a time-effective, and simple way. You want to spend more time taking action than getting on top of paperwork.

When Typeforms are completed, they can be viewed, organized and stored within your account. If you need your documentation to go elsewhere, there’s no need to copy and paste. Simply connect with one of our integrations like Zapier, and send your reports to a document to make it work within your established processes.

Why use forms?

Online forms make it easier for people to submit incident reports. They remove the need to write out emails, fill in a form manually, or make phone calls. Simply encourage people to fill in a form online, and share the link via social media, email or embed it on your website.

Typeforms work on any device and we’ve made the process of filling them out easy too. They’re super intuitive.

“We’re using Typeform for all of our forms, and I’m amazed that average time to completion is fastest on mobile almost across the board.”

Michael H. Babcock - Director of Marketing Communications

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