Get honest feedback from students with easy-to-build online forms

Easily adjust the design and content of your evaluation form to match your personality and style.

Collect more student feedback with an evaluation form that is engaging and beautiful on any device.

Students give more honest and detailed feedback when there is no handwriting to be recognized.

Impress your audience

Typeforms are interactive and designed to please the eye. They’re entertaining and fun to fill in so you’ll get more completions.

Works perfectly on any device

People can easily fill in your typeform on their phone, tablet or desktop. Typeforms ask one question at a time so it feels more like a conversation.

300+ templates to discover

We’ve got templates for almost everything, from customer feedback and lead generation forms to digital marketing quizzes.

How can I create a teacher evaluation form that students actually want to complete?

Teacher evaluation can be a less-than-exciting task for a student. That’s why you’ll need software that helps you create an interactive, fun, and smart form-filling experience for your students. Typeform can take care of that for you. By asking one question at a time, just like in a real-life conversation, typeforms are approachable and engaging, as well as being a pleasure to fill in. You’ll get all the feedback you need in a matter of minutes!

Can I create my own teacher evaluation rubric?

Of course you can. With question types ranging from multiple choice to long text answers, and from star ratings to opinion scales, you can easily create your own teacher evaluation model. It’s as easy as drag and drop. Plus, you can have fun designing your form the way you want. Pick your favorite colors and fonts, or even throw in fun images, videos, or GIFs to keep them entertained. Finally, insert personality into your copy, and your teacher evaluation form will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Can I connect my form to other teacher evaluation tools?

Yep! When it comes to efficiently storing and analyzing data, integrations are your friend. Typeforms can be connected to more than 500 web apps. Get Slack to notify you when a new evaluation comes in. Connect your form with Google Sheets, and make good-looking graphs out of your results. You can even create a Trello card for every student’s feedback. Take advantage of the web’s best tools to become a better teacher.

Will my form be mobile-friendly?

Oh yes. We both know how mobile your students are, so you’ll want your form to come to them, not the other way around. Typeforms look great on any device, whether it’s on mobile, tablet, or desktop. That’s right, no more annoying zoom-ins or site crashes. Let your students give their feedback anywhere, any time. Take a look at our form builder for more info.

“Stop using ugly survey tools. Try Typeform for mobile-friendly, awesome surveys and forms. This is what I use.”

Kenny Jahng - Media & Innovation Pastor

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