6 ways AI can help you build better marketing forms

AI helps you do what all new innovation promises to do—get your work done faster and easier, freeing up time for the plethora of tasks marketers face on the daily. Here are 6 ways AI can help you build better performing marketing forms.

There’s a good chance you heard “AI will revolutionize marketing” at some point over the past year. Whether you agree or roll your eyes at this statement, AI is changing how marketing teams operate.

A 2023 study by The Conference Board found that 82% of marketers believe AI will improve their productivity. And as marketing budgets are being slashed left and right, working smarter and faster is more valuable than ever. 

AI has arrived to drastically cut down the amount of time needed to write and design marketing forms. Plus, it can help analyze them. Here’s how.

1. Set up forms faster

One of AI's top benefits lies in its ability to help you be more efficient, especially when it comes to creating marketing forms. Instead of starting from scratch or using a template, generative AI will create a brand-new form tailored to your use case in a few seconds. 

Most AI form builders will have you answer a few prompts to help it generate your form. Gone are the days of struggling to decide which template to use, or which questions, in which order, should be included in your survey. You’ll save time and leave with a more organized survey. 

Typeform makes it easy to use AI in this way. To begin, you’ll explain what kind of form you want to create. This could be anything from an event registration form to a customer experience survey. 

Imagine you’re running a skincare brand and want to figure out which customers really love your products. You could easily set up a custom Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to send out.

Once you’ve told the AI what type of form you’re creating, you can tell it to add specific questions. This gives the AI an idea of what approach you want to take with the form. 

Last, provide some information about your company, such as your products or target audience. The more specific you get, the closer AI will be to generating the form you want. With a few quick edits, the form should be in perfect shape.

The completed form includes the specific questions you want to ask. In most cases, you’ll also find that the AI has generated additional questions based on the information you provided about your company, products, and survey use case:

Then, publish the form and send it to your customers. Voilà, you’ve saved hours of work!

2. Maintain your brand identity

Marketing forms should match your brand identity. But changing colors, picking fonts, and uploading images slows down the form-building process. AI can pull all of your brand assets from your website for you and generate templates that match your visual identity.

With AI, you’ll get all of the benefits of maintaining your brand identity with a lot less effort. Your marketing forms will have a consistent and cohesive design so people can easily remember and recognize your brand.

Maintaining your visual identity also builds trust. When you go to Target, you expect to see red shopping carts and their familiar bullseye logo. If you saw green carts and a different logo, you’d wonder if you were in the right place, right? In the same vein, a customer would get suspicious if they opened a nondescript form without any of the elements they associate with your brand.

3. Find just the right words

Need an easy way to spruce up the language in your forms? Generative AI will help, whether that means simplifying complex sentences or crafting punchier phrases that leave an impression.

When you aren’t a wordsmith, it’s time-consuming to write a marketing form. And even when you spend hours poring over the right word choices, you still might not be happy with the result. 

With AI, it’s easier to revamp your language. And it takes just a few clicks.

Typeform's AI can take a complex sentence, such as "Sign up to get access to one of our free trials," and simplify it for clarity into "Sign up for a free trial." The AI-generated version is easier to read, which is key to building marketing forms that perform better.

AI also helps when you’re stuck on coming up with answer options. It generates ideas that you may have missed or forgotten. And even if it doesn't generate the perfect answer choices, it'll spark an idea that helps you find the right ones.

4. Find anomalies in form data

From startups to enterprises, companies use AI to glean insights from huge amounts of data—petabytes, not terabytes. AI can do the same with your form data.

AI will discover any patterns or anomalies through an in-depth data analysis. For example, it can detect that respondents in a specific age group are more likely to be interested in one of your products.  

Even better, it'll generate a description of its findings—so you’ll be able to easily understand what’s going on at a glance and share the findings with your team.

Almost 70% of marketers lack data-driven recommendations to help them outperform their peers. With AI insights, such recommendations are possible without investing hours in data analysis. Instead, you’ll have more time to think of strategies to improve your form performance.

5. Generate translations

Reach new customers with AI translations. Your forms will instantly be accessible in multiple languages.

When buying a new product, 65% of consumers prefer website content in their language, even if the content is poor quality. Since AI translation is far from unreliable, it'll give your marketing forms a big advantage in reach.

Multilingual forms gather more data from varied markets, improving decision-making in marketing and product development. When you support multiple languages, you also build better customer relationships by showing you value accessibility.

6. Quickly qualify leads

AI saves time on lead qualification by automatically assigning leads to a specific category, such as “priority.”

When a lead fills out a form, AI uses their answers to qualify them. Then, it guides the lead to the most appropriate action, such as requesting a demo or booking a meeting.

Typeform’s AI allows you to create a lead qualification form in just a few short steps. First, you provide your company details, including a description of your ideal customer. 

The AI will generate an ideal customer profile (ICP) that you can customize.

The AI will generate questions and answers for you to review. It also assigns scores to each answer so it knows which answers indicate high-priority leads.

Review the scores to make sure they qualify leads correctly.

Automating lead qualification allows you to create a different form journey for each customer category. High-priority leads could get extra questions or a follow-up email, saving time and engaging them at the right moment.

Leverage AI to get ready for a cookieless future

AI isn’t the only trend that’s transforming marketing. Third-party cookies are also on their way out. And marketers need to quickly find a way to collect more customer data using alternate sources, such as marketing forms.

With Typeform’s AI capabilities,creating beautiful, functional forms is effortless. Plus, you’ll have a concise, on-brand forms in a fraction of the time it takes to build them from scratch. Sign up to get started.

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