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Lead qualification for small and medium businesses

Typeform is the best tool for lead qualification. Our focus on the respondent experience means you'll get higher completion rates, resulting in more leads for your business.

We know that for small and medium-sized businesses, lead qualification is essential. It guides your sales team efforts, ensuring your energy and resources are focused on the leads that matter most.
Using our Lead qualification AI solution sets you up right away with a great form that asks the right questions, giving your team all the information it needs to get started with new leads.

This article explains how to get set up with lead qualification and Typeform, so you're set up for success.

Superpower your lead qualification with Typeform

1. Use our Lead qualification AI solution

Add the most common and powerful qualification questions for B2B businesses.

Click + Create a new form.


Choose the Qualify leads option. 

Next, you'll be asked questions about your business, which you can edit to suit your lead profile.


Here's how to do that.

Enter your company name and company description. You'll also see some tips on the details to include for the best results. 


Click Continue when you're ready.

Now you'll see an ideal customer profile based on the details you've entered generated by AI. You can customize this profile however you please, then click Generate questions to do just that.


2. Trigger form logic based on scoring

Now that you have your questions added, it's time to set up the scores so you can segment the leads coming in.


To do this, go to Lead Qualification and click Set lead scoring rules. This article will help if you get stuck.

Why do this? So you can easily see which are high-priority leads, without needing to dig into your results. For example, you could segment your leads into 3 buckets: ‘High priority’, ‘Qualified’, and ‘Not qualified’.

Your lead score can be used to trigger other events:

- Asking additional questions for ‘High priority leads’

- Showing different ending screens for different priority leads

- Triggering follow-up emails to your team or your leads based on their lead score

Examples of using lead qualification with Typeform

Once your questions and scores are set up, here are some ideas for taking your lead qualification even further.

Schedule a demo or callback for high-priority leads

If a lead scores as high priority, you can use Logic to take them immediately to a Calendly question, to set up a call:

1. Add a Calendly block and select your event type.

- Your Calendly event could even be a Round Robin event type if you're managing multiple sellers.

- You can even pass through name and email from the form so leads don’t have to enter information multiple times. Here's how to set up Recall Information to do that.

2. Add Logic to only show the Calendly scheduling question if the lead has scored above your ‘High priority’ threshold. Here's how to set up branching logic.

3. Add a special ending screen for your ‘High priority leads’ to thank them. Here's how to set up different endings based on score.

Redirect qualified leads to keep them engaged

For qualified leads that aren’t a top priority, keep them engaged with other campaigns and content.

This could be directing them to gated content, a self-serve demo, or telling them about new features or product launches. Each of these are opportunities to embed another Typeform to collect more information to further qualify.

1. Add a Redirect to URL ending, which takes lower priority leads to another campaign.

2. Add Logic to show the Redirect to URL ending to leads that meet the ‘Qualified’ score threshold, but not the ‘Not qualified’ score threshold. Here's how to set that up.

Send a notification to sales when there’s a new lead

Using our Follow-ups feature, you can send an email to your sales team when a relevant lead comes in.

You can send different follow-ups based on your lead qualification score, so your sales team know right away what value lead they're looking at. Find out how to set up Follow-ups.

Take it even further with integrations

You can also pass your lead qualification score with all other question responses to any integrations. Browse all of our integrations here, to see how we fit into your tech stack. You can use Typeform as part of the workflows you currently have set up.

- View your leads prioritized by score in your CRM with our Hubspot and Salesforce integrations

- Send targeted follow-up campaigns using partners like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, or ActiveCampaign

- Notify your sales team directly in Slack or Microsoft Teams

- Track the value of your best leads with Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics

With our Lead qualification solution, dynamic scoring-triggered actions, follow-ups, and integrations, your lead qualification will be both efficient and engaging.

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