Create API

Create is a RESTful API that gives you direct control over your typeforms, images, and themes, plus more customization options to make your typeforms even more engaging.

  • Create typeforms on the fly
  • Dazzle your respondents with warm, personalized greetings and thank-yous and customized images and themes
  • Use Logic Jumps to create smart typeforms that won't distract respondents with irrelevant questions
  • Identify the traffic source for each person who completes your typeform

...and with the Create API, you can do it all without using the Typeform builder.

Need help with an error? Head to Troubleshooting and errors for information about Create API errors.

Key Concepts

The Create API involves three key concepts: forms, images, and themes.

If you're already familiar with how Typeform integrates forms, images, and themes, you might want to skip this section. If not, please read on!


Forms are the beautifully designed, conversational typeforms you know and love. Create a new typeform (or update an existing one) and tailor it with images, videos, and themes that appeal to different audiences. The Create API also supports Typeform's advanced features like Hidden Fields and Logic Jumps.


Images are a great way to brand your typeforms and make them more appealing. You can add images and videos to your Typeform account and attach them to different typeforms. You can also customize which images and videos different respondents will see.


Themes are the settings for the overall appearance of a typeform, including:

  • The color palette for questions, buttons, answers, and background
  • Font for the text
  • An optional background image, including brightness and scaling

You can create custom themes, attach them to your typeforms, and customize which theme different respondents will see. Of course, Typeform's default themes are also available.

Ready to start?

For an overview of how our APIs work, check out the Get started page. If you're ready to use the Create API, you can either create an application or generate a personal access token to make direct requests.

If you've already generated a Typeform personal access token and know how to use it, you might want to check out these Create walkthroughs or the Create reference documentation.