Responses API

The Responses API lets you access the data your typeforms collect — on demand and in JSON format — without setting up webhooks or third-party integrations.

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Key Concepts

The Responses API works differently than Webhooks and third-party integrations, which push your typeform's responses to your URL or application as soon as they're submitted. With the Responses API, you send a GET request each time you want to retrieve your data for a typeform.

The response includes all the submissions your typeform has received so far, in JSON format. You can also add query parameters to your requests so that responses include only submissions received after a certain date and time or within a certain date range. The Responses API reference lists and describes all of the available query parameters.

Why stop at manually retrieving your responses? The Responses API is designed so that you can create your own web app to programmatically retrieve responses — we even created an example application you can try. Once you've written an app, you can reuse it for any typeform as long as you update the form_id in your code.

Ready to start?

For an overview of how our APIs work, check out the Get started page. If you're ready to use the Responses API, you can either create an application or generate a personal access token to make direct requests.

If you already have your Typeform access token, you might want to check out the Responses walkthrough. Or you can jump right into the Responses reference documentation.