Login button script for your applications

We developed this script so you can maintain a consistent look for Typeform login buttons within your applications.

Here is what the button will look like:

Log in to Typeform

Add the button code to your application and configure it to work with the link that redirects users to the Typeform login screen (https://api.typeform.com/oauth/authorize) so they can log in to their Typeform accounts and grant access to your app.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Create a div with a class of tf-login-button.
  2. Include the following script tag:
  3. Replace the values in the data- attributes on the script tag with your application's data (including clientID, redirectURI, scopes, and so on).

The script will use the data you enter to set up a link in your tf-login-button tag that points to the /oauth/authorize endpoint for your app.

What's next?

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To directly access Typeform's APIs (for example, using cURL or Postman), learn how to get a personal access token and start making requests.